Saturday, August 21, 2010

Romeo's Vet Survey

Hi, Cyndi here  to bring you today's post.

August 16 - 22 is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week and we joined with Romeo and his feline helpers to publicize it.

We have some good information for you, but first we want to give you a smile.  Romeo took a survey and we just wonder which category each of you fall into.

Quick survey of Romeo’s cat staff friend:
When going to the vet, please describe your cat's behavior (you may choose more than one) --

Somehow knows what's up and runs to hide before we even leave - 43%

Won't get into the cat carrier – 60.2%

Won't come out of the cat carrier once at the V-E-T – 44.3%

Yowls and complains the whole way to the V-E-T – 67%

No problem, my cat loves the V-E-T – 10.2%

What does the staff at the vet’s office usually say about your cat?

What a loverboy/lovergirl! 31%

Hi Handsome/Beautiful 76.2%

I better get some back up 17.9%

We had to sedate him/her 8.3%

I’ve never seen such a ______________cat! 28.6%

Funny answers: Interesting, fat, feisty, big, neurotic, relaxed (actually paralyzed with fear), vocal, chubby, unique, loving, exotic, interestingly named, well dressed, terrified, pitiful crazy,

We Funny Farm kitties all yowl all the way to the vet and back home but we haven't had any unusual experiences yet.

And now a few common illnesses that if caught early enough may not require extensive – or expensive – treatment:

Lower urinary tract disease
Stomach inflammation/gastritis
Renal disease
Intestinal inflammation/diarrhea
Ear infections
Upper respiratory tract infections

So plan a feline visit to your vet annually. If you click on the badge in our sidebar, it will take you here where you can sign the form to receive an email reminder each year to take your cat(s) to the vet.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Chey is laughing that stomach inflamation or gastritis may not be too expensive if caught early enough--that might be what she had but was caught so early everything was within normal limits but she's a $2000 cat right now... and still not eating...

  2. I view it as a social event and an opp to spread my special LOVE!

    Was that one of these options?


  3. Going to the vet is tops on my list of Most Hated Experiences. My human does not understand why because everyone there loves me and always tells me how gorgeous and unusual I am. Heck, I KNOW I'm gorgeous and unusual, I don't need to be told so, then stuck with needles and (hu)man handled on top of it.

  4. I wonder if any other cats have pooped on the vet table to show their disgust?

  5. What a great survey!!!

    Awww Charlie is due for his yearly vaccination shots in September (shhh! Don't tell him!!) but so far he's been ever so good the times I took him to the vets.

    My previous kitties all behaved differently and each had their own vet adjective too! LOL!

    Thanks for the important info! You are all gorgeous at Jan's Funny Farm!

    Take care

  6. I think I'm probably in line with that survey!

  7. I think I'm probably in line with that survey!

  8. See GG's post for her answers to the survey, and she pretty much answered for the rest of us too.

    Fenris loves going to the vet, he thinks it is a TREAT.

  9. Hannah fights getting into the basket and however I put paper in the bottom always manages to be sick on it, under it and all down her front. The vet then has to get a nurse to clean her up and also wash out the basket and then she behaves until I put her back in the car when although I'm convinced she can't possibly be sick again always manages to dig some up from somewhere!!

  10. Those were funny answers to the poll. We all do all those things. We are also so lucky(not) that our vet sends us reminders when it is time to go see them. We do hate going to that place.
    Have a nice week end.

  11. We all howl like banshees in the car, and then never say a word at the Vet's office. Felix *kinda* likes our Vet, but our vet is a Lady and he's a people-flirt with the Ladies.

  12. Armani and CocoBean have to go to the V-E-T next. hee hee

  13. We had our Vet visit in January and will be glad not ta go back until the next January. But reglar visits are a good idea.

    We would add another statistic though. "Hard to get back into the PTU after the exam is over - 0%"

  14. The mom says she hate to take us to da vet acuz we get all worked up. As long as we is healthy and dun go outside we shud be okay.


  15. Visits to the Vet are not my favorite activity at all!
    My Vet is very nice but as soon as I see him I want to run away!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. The what???? The V-E-T is the pwace where you have to show them you mean business and scweam and weave your poo at their table once a year!


  17. Hee! Hee! Great survey! I wonder if Lemon was the only the cat who couldn't care less what the vet did to her as long as she had some treats to stuff her face with. We've even got it on video - the vet jabbing her bum with a needle and her just continuing to eat treats off the counter, completely oblivious! Our vet used to laugh and say they never met such a food-obsessed cat - they wished all their cat patients were so easily occupied! :-)



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