Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tiger, Dogs and Giveaway


Hi, it's my turn to introduce today's post.

We have an amazing rescue story for your today.  A cat who saves her elderly owner from 4 dogs.  Congratulations, Tiger, you are a celebrated heroine now.

CLARE CO. -- It’s a modern day story of David and Goliath. A 97-year old woman, surrounded by a pack of dogs, is saved by an unlikely hero, her cat named Tiger.  You can read the rest of the story or watch the video here

And we have a sad story for you also, a woman who is facing jail time if she does not give up four of her six dogs. It would be nice if Animal Control and the city would work with her but ACs and cities we know of don't work with but against.  Still, we hope.  If she has older animals, we wonder whether this ordinance is new so she is grandfathered in.  We don't know the answer.

Silver Grove, KY - Many dog owners consider their companions to be more than simply canines - they are instead, viewed as treasured members of the family. Family is how Wanda Moran sees her 6 dogs and her loving perception of her dogs may force her to face jail time. You can read the rest of the article here.

Today is the last day to enter our Summer Travel Stories giveaway, sponsored by Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul.  It ends at 11:59 pm EDT tonight. A winner's name will be drawn tomorrow.  The prize is a goody bag for a cat or dog, depending on which pet the winner has.  Click here for details and to leave your entry.


  1. Tiger is an amazing and very brave kitty!!! What a star - what a heroine!!! I hope the owner of the doggies will now be a little more responsible - it must have been so frightening for the poor elderly woman!! Yay for Tiger!

    I hope a compromise is met with Wanda Moran and her dogs. Good luck to her!

    Good luck to everyone entering your fab giveaway!

    Take care

  2. Tiger ia a real hero! These stupid human rules are awful!

  3. Rules like that are just stoooooopid!

    Thanks fur sharing the tale of the GOOD khat!

    I just let The Doggy Nanny read Khousin Merdie's entry - she was furry impressed too -


  4. Tiger is an amazing kitty! She certainly lived up to her name!

  5. Tiger is such a brave and sweet kitty and we sure hope something can be done for Wanda and her dogs!


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