Thursday, August 12, 2010

Canine Intelligence

Cameron here with our post for today. We thought we would take a break and have some fun with a video we know you'll enjoy.

Now this dog is smart. He knows what he wants (the ball) as well as what he doesn't want (to get in the pool).  He has a very interesting and funny solution to attain both goals.  Anyone want to hire him as CEO of their company?

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We thought we would include this for those who use Blogger. We don't have the new comment system yet, but it will be interesting to see how well it works. It's very time-consuming to go from blog to blog having to type in word verification. But we understand what a pain it is to be spammed. New Comment System on Blogger

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Oh I khan't wait to see the khat version of the video ;-)

    We think we have the new system - we'll see!


  2. That is too too awesome!!! I'm spamming all my friends with this one!

  3. i likes the kitty cat photo :)

    of course, im partial to cats. arent we all?? okay, okay, dogs can be cute too....


  4. Great video!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day on the farm!

  5. Awww Cameron!! Thank you so much for posting that clip of that very smart doggie!!! Awww! Wow!! Talk about problem solving with style!! Good clever doggie!


    Take care

  6. Funny, Dennis's post today also involves a pool and a ball ...

  7. Mom tried that trick on Fenris. It didn't work for her either. Sigh, we guesses he only goes in the water for FOOD.

    Today she threw a stick in the water for Fenris to fetch, he started to go after it but changed his mind and found a stick closer to the land instead. We thinks Fen was very clever to outwit Mommy like that.

  8. That doggy is so smart, I loved the video!!! I hope the new blogger commenting system is as smart as that doggy!

  9. Camewon
    Thanks fow that cheewed us wight up..what a clevew doggie..I bet you kitties would do the same if you weally wanted something, cause i know you don't like to get wet, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  10. We love the video - so cute!

    We have the new comment system - they just forced it on and we didn't have a choice. I am not a fan so far - it is annoying to go in and see ALL comments listed (the first tab is published comments) and there is no way to sort by post, it only sorts by date, so if someone is commenting on an older post it is going to be weird (that has happened before and we were like "what the heck are they talking about") I am sticking with word verification and moderation for as long as possible because I don't trust it to work.

  11. Dogs is dumbimuss.

    So says Maximus Spittimus

    Maxi xx

    (I is backimuss)

  12. That was totally amazing and fabulous! Harley has been studying the video, and I can almost see the gears turning in his head...

  13. Wowsers, that is a smart dog. Then of course we think all dogs are smart.

    Essex & Deacon

  14. Thanks for the video of the dog, it had Mom laughing. Well........ I do have to admit the doggy was very clever. Thank you for your visits when we weren't visiting very much.


  15. He is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs


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