Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cat Cerebellar Hypoplasia

This is a cute video of a cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which means its motor skills are off but the cat can live a long, healthy, happy life. A friend took in two such kittens a few years ago.
Cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia video

Don't forget to stop by Sassy Cat's blog. She is retiring from blogging. You'll have to scroll down a few posts to find the reason why -- if you aren't already aware of why she hasn't been blogging the past few months. Her CCSI friends are giving her a (virtual) 5-day Retirement Party in Italy. This is day 4. Sassy has brought you a lot of joy these last couple of years. Let her moth (mother of the house) know how much you appreciated all the effort she put into Sassy's adventures.

And if you aren't committed to another dog, vote for Merci as cutest dog. All you have to do is register and then click below her photo to vote. Her voting page is


  1. Aw...that video brought tears to my eyes! I love visiting your blog - you always share the most wonderful and interesting videos - don't know where/how you always find them!


  2. Oh that cat is just precious! Seeing it being well cared for just really makes you feel good

  3. Ah yes, I remember this Charley video! He's such a sweetheart.

  4. Oh here we go again.. Freya's Dad cries at another Cat video... :-)

  5. I'd never heard of that condition. I'm so glad they can live a good life.

  6. 53 votes!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. I wasn't always able to visit Sassy, but I will miss her.

  8. We had seen Charley's video befur - khwite the khool khat despite 'things' -

    We've voted and visited Sassy too -


  9. That is a very heart-warming video. I have been attending Sassy's retirement party. It's quite the shindig.

  10. We were already there! Pl2 says she can't watch becasue she knows she will sob..Love A+A

  11. We are so glad a kitty can live with this, great video, and thanks for sharing it. Sweet.


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