Friday, October 16, 2009

Eric and the Lakemore Cats

It was our friend KC at Gentle Annie that brought Eric's rescue efforts to our attention back in August, asking if we could help him. We being eternal optimists (yeah, right!), figured since the rescue began in July, it was already over, but an email to Eric quickly dispelled that idea and alerted us to the urgency of his needs. We immediately wrote a post and started passing the information on. You readers helped by linking to our story or tweeting about Eric's undertaking.

We've had some very positive comments about Eric's accomplishments with each post, so we would like to tell you a little more about the rescue of the 101 Lakemore Cats.

Eric is 61 years old. That's not ancient but many folks half his age would not commit to such a huge investment of time, funds and energy -- especially on his own, with no group of supporters to back him up.

A few excerpts from Eric's messages:

Aug 17: I have done TNR here in Akron for years now, but have NEVER done a rescue like this one. I never will again either. I have not had a night's sleep in 4 weeks now. All I see is the many faces under tables, beds, and in my cages. ALL are scared and require hours of socialization.

The bank is now active about the foreclosure and I may not be able to save the remaining cats without help. I have had 14 special needs cats of my own for years now, {three FIV}. I have no room at my house for more. My single garage is full of Lakemore cats being socialized now. The 36 remaining cats at Lakemore are in danger of being euthanized by Akron Animal Control.

Aug 19 (Eric's days): Cleaning cages at my home garage, feeding, cat laundry and most important socializing frightened cats I have here, posting, blogs, web site, calls, photos, vetting transport, recovery time for surgeries (takes hours).

(Also) driving each day to Lakemore house, feeding, cleaning & disinfecting, trapping new cats for surgery, etc. Water has now been shut off at the Lakemore house. So now I have to take water in 5 gal containers over too. We've had the electric on there in our name for two weeks now.

I also am starting a new gallery/shop here in Akron Ohio for my tribal arts business with remodeling a century house and painting, moving inventory and trying to open in 30 days. I have to deal with contractors each day also.

Other postings and news comments brought people saying "I should take the cats to a Chinese restaurant." Or, "just put them down, cats are like rats." I have had so much hate calls, wackos, emails, sick posts etc.

We just tried to give a few insights from the rescue so you have just a small idea of what Eric had to contend with these last few months. (If you're interested in reading the earlier posts, just type "Lakemore Cats" in the upper left search bar.)

It has not been easy. The last cat was rescued from the Lakemore house yesterday and taken to the vet. It will recuperate in Eric's garage and be socialized so it is ready for adoption. He is still in need of funds and supplies. (More details in yesterday's JFF post, 101 Lakemore Cats.)

Eric wrote, "The sweetest letter I got was from a 9 year old girl who wanted a cat but could not. She sent me $2 and a drawing of a cat she wanted and said in crayon, "God help Eric's cats." Brings a tear to your eye and puts a smile on your face, doesn't it! Perhaps you too can spare a dollar or two to help Eric finish the rescue he began in July.

Information for donations can be found on Eric's site. Or donations can be mailed to:
Eric Schickendantz
Lakemore Cat Fund
P.O.Box 13227
Fairlawn Ohio 44334

We're going to close with a comment Toby left on yesterday's post:

Not only is Eric a cat rescuer. He is a warrior for these & all cats. He is tireless, determined & unwavering. And he’s is unquestionably an expert in what he does.

But he’s not invincible; this experience has knocked him off his feet more than once; emotionally, physically & financially. But Eric got back up, dusted himself off & got back to the important task of saving these innocent lives.

He saved 101 cats. How many “shelters” or “rescues” do you know that have taken on a case like this? Not many. Yet this man did it single-handedly.

I am proud to call Eric a friend & mentor. The world needs more people like him.

These cats now have a second chance. They are beginning their new lives. Please help Eric to help these cats find their way.

We won't give out Eric's email address, but if you leave a comment, he will read it.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Jan. I'm amazed and greatly touched by Eric's unwavering commitment to the welfare of each and everyone of those kitties.

  2. It really is amazing to me the resources people seem to find when they have to rescue a cat. We have only rescued two that we could not keep and that was so hard--but the right homes came.

  3. Tank woo fur a khloser look into the kind purrrrrson that has helped so many KHATS!

    He really is khwite a hero fur all!


  4. Bless you Eric for your kindness to cats!

  5. Blessings upon this wonderful, kind man. May he find the strength to continue this selfless and humane pursuit. I wish I could afford a donation, but all I can do is wish him well in this supremely important endeavor.

  6. Hello to Jan and all my wonderful animal friends, This is Eric of the Lakemore rescue. I want to thank all of the great readers for their loving support and kind words for my 101 cats. You have all been a blessing. Much love and hope to all of you ~ Eric Schickendantz
    "We won't always know whose lives we touched and made better for our having cared, because actions can sometimes have unforeseen ramifications. What's important is that you do care and you act" -- Charlotte Lunsford

  7. Eric is a wonderful person and it's a shame there are not more people like him in this world.

  8. We think Eric is the most pawsome angel in human clothes. We wish more people were like him. ~S,S,C & F

  9. Hey Gang,
    Mr. Eric needs more angels to help him out in the Lakemorre Cat rescue effort.


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