Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lost Benny and Daddy Chihuahua

Benny, a white German Shepherd, was lost during interstate transport to his new home and needs to be found ASAP. There is a reward. Please pass on this link to anyone even remotely along the route, as dogs can travel.

We don't understand how anyone could not notice a dog this size was not there for such a long route, but strange things do happen, so we're just hoping Benny will be found soon.

Heartbreaking story... Benny, a white German Shepherd was rescued from a high kill shelter, received all of his vetting, and had a wonderful family adopt him. He was enroute to this family when he escaped from transport. If you have seen Benny or have any information, please call Traci Wood at 901 238 1724 or email her tparris2005b @ aol. com (take out the spaces first). Benny escaped from a transport between Atoka, TN and Corinth, MS. The route of the transport is detailed below.

There is a $500 dollar reward for his safe return.

He's about 70-75 pounds with long legs and knows his name. He's microchipped and was wearing a collar with a PAWS rescue ID tag and his yellow microchip tag.

Route taken from Atoka, TN to Corinth, MS:
Highway 14 going South to I-240
I-240 going West to Nonconnah Blvd.
Nonconnah Blvd. to Highway 72 in Collierville
Highway 72 straight south all the way to Corinth, MS

He was discovered missing when the transport pulled off at the McDonald's in Corinth, MS. Benny is an amazing dog who has had a terrible life; he was literally two days away from his happy ending. The family who is adopting him is set to spoil him rotten- please help us find him!

We received an email from our friend Bill today, pointing us to a great story.

On the front page of the San Antonio Express today: Daddy Chihuahua leads his family to safety down a busy street during rush hour -- into the safety of the animal shelter. (This story will probably not be available on this url for long.)

Web Posted: 10/17/2009 12:00 CDT
Daddy Chihuahua leads family to safety


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  1. Tank woo fur sharing Benny's story -

    We haven't heard any updates yet but we'll be sure to pass them along -

    Pretty inkhredible story about Daddy Chihuahua - sad too but we know how humans let us down -


  2. I am purring for a happy ending! And my human will post this on her Facebook page.

  3. Someone must've been asleep at the wheel. We hope benny is found OK.
    - TBH&K

  4. We had mom vote, we wish we cud vote more den once!

    Benny we hopes he is found, silly woofie.

    Da daddy Chihuahua is a brave and loyal woofie, good fer hims!

  5. The story doesn't say how Benny was being transported; he may have been in a trailer or crated in the back of a truck. I hope he finds his way to his forever home!

    I wonder if the chihuahua pa was following the sound of happy dogs when he brought his family into the shelter?

  6. Poor Benny, we will pray that he gets found soon, that is so sad, and he was SO close to living with his new family!

    I just read that article on the Chihuahua daddy, that is so sweet, a real family!

    I hope you're all having a grrrrEAT weekend,


  7. I will be purring and praying for found your friend =/

  8. Good for that Daddy! I hope they find Benny--sounds like he is quite an escape artist

  9. There has to be a happy ending to this story. Oh so close, it just has to be the ending we all want. Will pray that Benny getgs to the folks that are waiting to love him.
    And that Chihuahua, what a story, to know where the shelter is and get the family all there. Hope they can all find forever homes.

  10. Oh, we hope Benny is found soon and his new family gets a chance to spoil him rotten.

    Daddy Chihuahua was incredible. ~S,S,C & F

  11. Poor Benny, we hope he is found soon! We will purr for his safety

  12. Dear Benny, this kind of news is always a heartbreaking one. Our paws are crossed for your safety.

    Momo & Pinot

  13. We forgot to mention. Thanks for telling us about Sassy... we just visited her blog. :) :) We have so many memories with her...

  14. Oh, poor Benny, I so hope and pray that he is found and that he gets to his new family. That Daddy Chihuahua is amazing. I hope that they all find forever homes.

  15. We really hope Benny is found safe.

  16. Hey, Thanks so much for dropping by our Halloween Party. Hope you enjoyed your selves.
    Dont believe what Pellie said about me hiding - I was abstaining -cuz I didn't like all the noise they had going on.
    I'll do some heavy duty Purrring and get Pellie to do some Praying that Benny get founded. He really deserves a forever home.

  17. We hope Benny is found soon so he can be with his forever family.


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