Friday, October 30, 2009

Tattooed Cat

Buddy: Back in June we saw a blurb on The Tattooed Cat. The title intrigued us, so we offered to review it and it arrived recently.We were disappointed to find no cats were tattooed in the writing or photographing of this book.

Percy: Buddy is kidding. He didn't really think any cats would be tattooed.

Crystal: It's a tall book, so even though it wasn't a hardcover or a thick book, it was a bit of a problem for us kitties to handle alone. Sam graciously held one side open and Buddy the other while we read it.

Cotton: Yes, thanks, guys. It's great to have tall brothers.

Rusty, looks at Merci, hanging her head: It's okay, Merci. You can't help that you're short like us, even though you're a dog.

Percy: The book, guys, we're supposed to be discussing the book.

Cameron: Oh, right. The book is about Chas Taylor and his love of cats.

Cotton: And he's the one with the tattoos. 18 years worth of them, mostly sketches of different cats he's had over the years.

Crystal: We aren't interested in or involved in the occult, so we don't understand or endorse the parts about karma and the mysteries of the universe. But we enjoyed the pictures and the stories of Chas' cats.

Cameron: And there are a number of them. Pictures of Mimi (a male), Taco, Magick, Holly, Arthur ... The greatest number of photos, though, focus on the central theme -- Chas' tattoos.

Rusty: There are a lot of pictures of his tattoos, including photographs of a tattoo artist at work creating them.

Percy: If you are interested in tattoos and the reincarnation of cats, this book could occupy a place on your bookshelf. We were going to include a link to a website where you could get more information on this book, but we can't find one anywhere and Jan says we have to get off the computer. Like now!

Mercy: Should you be interested in your own copy, we did find it for sale on


  1. tattooed cats. That reminded me of that lady that got in trouble for selling the "gothic kittens" when I first saw the initial title. Poor babies. I'm glad this is just a book about a guy keeping the memories of his cats in ink on himself.

  2. Aww, that's kind of sweet that he gets the tattoos...

    Mummy says we've left a tattoo on her heart, she doesn't need one on her skin :)

  3. I don't think I would like a tattoo...

  4. Sounds like an intersting book to us! Our mom likes tattoos, especially cat tattoos. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. We thought we would get a tattoo for Mommy of us but she said no way, tattoos involve needles. Our Mommy is a spoil spoilt. ~S,S,C & F

  6. Don't search Google for the tattooed cat. You will be as upset as I ended up ! I am not sure I could read that book.

  7. We are very relieved the man had the tattoos instead of the kitties.

  8. Maybe my mom and I khan get matching khat tattoos ;-)


  9. I am relived that the tattoos were on the man and not the kitties. Happy Halloween!

  10. Huggies from the "kits" from a new place. :) Happy Halloween everyone!


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