Wednesday, October 14, 2009

World's Best Cat Litter

Not long ago World's Best Cat Litter redesigned their packaging and their website. While our computer was down, we received another bag of their natural corn. They also have a multiple cat formula, but ... sigh ... Drew must have forgotten we're a multi-cat home.

What is the difference between the two formulas? The Multiple Cat Clumping Formula has an added ingredient that helps the cat litter clumps stay firmer and together longer. This should be of benefit in multiple cat households that have increased traffic in and out of the litter box. And you can guess there is increased traffic in and out of the litter box around here.

But that's okay Drew. At least you remembered us when you sent out the latest sample.

Last time we tried World's Best, some of us continued to use the box with our old brand, perhaps out of habit. Cats, even though we create chaos by whapping things off the shelves and furniture to redecorate the house, are creatures of habit and routine. But this time we confused Jan by using both boxes somewhat equally. In other words, this time we weren't so particular about where we pooped as long as there was a box to poop in.

Jan has said she prefers the Worlds Best because it is natural and isn't dusty like our old litter. We reiterate our last appraisal of her opinion: if Jan doesn't use the litter box, her opinion of the litter has no value.

Percy, holding up one paw: No, no, Jan, we don't want your opinion. This is our product review.

And we have decided we like World's Best Cat Litter. But not because Jan does. Cats, as you all know, have a mind of their own!

Crystal, Cotton, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron & Rusty

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  1. Tank woo fur the tip but I nevFUR touch the stuff!

    PeeEssWoo: Wouldn't woo like to know ;-)

  2. Good information to know about. I bet with your many cats this litter helps with the well you know anyway thanks for the info.

  3. I'll keep this in mind for all of my kit-cat pals in the neighborhood!
    Play bows,

  4. We are supposed to be getting a bag from Drew to try also and we can't wait!!

  5. We has an award for you.

    Going to vote for Merci now and then it's bedtime for us. ~S,S,C & F

  6. We has to try dat, though the last time the mom tried to change cat litter around here TT showed her who was boss! MOL TT pooped outside the box for as long as the new litter was in there! MOL

  7. Hey Jan! Thank you so much for your comment! I came by to check you out as well! I love your blog not only is it fun but informational! *follows*

  8. We been tryin different litter stuffs lately. Worlds Best is next on our list...

  9. Thanks for the info :)

  10. Good info here! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I keep hearing good things about this litter. I will certainly keep it in mind.

  12. Oopsie, looks like we did forget to send you the Multiple Cat Clumping Formula :(

    We are so glad you guys like the litter and really appreciate you giving it a try and providing your thoughts. Percy, we are glad to have you on our side!

    Next time we promise to give you the Multiple Cat version!

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by today. This was a hard post for the moth to do but one that had to be done. It was great getting to know you, I treasure all of those that I met while blogging. You all forever will be in my heart.
    Pray that I am safe and mooching off of someone else. Be sure to stop back tomorrow.

  14. We like reviews by kitties :)
    That was a good review too. Maybe we should try it.
    We'll have to get Mom to see if she can find it :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie


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