Saturday, October 31, 2009

Real Tattooed Cats

Happy Halloween!

When we ran a Google search yesterday on the book The Tattooed Cat, which is about a guy who has cats tattooed on his body, we were disturbed to discover that folks in Russia are actually putting their cats under anesthetic to have a real tattoo put on them. Evidently Russians have an entirely different way of looking at animals considered pets in some parts of the world. Giving any animal an anesthetic carries a risk, but cats are especially sensitive to drugs and an elected procedure such as tattooing is inane even without the risk. Who does a cat have to impress? Cats are perfect as they are.

Did anyone ask the cat's permission? No, we didn't think so. And all the JFF furries vote NO TATTOOS! We don't have to ask Jan's opinion. She hates needles and isn't into tattoos. So we don't have to worry about going under the tattoo needle.

There is a short article and photo of a tattooed cat here. And a photo here of a cat with a tattooed body AND a pierced earring in one ear. Some might like these photos and approve this practice but we don't.

Veronica left a comment on our 101 Lakemore Cats post: Eric still needs our help so he can continue to help out the cats. He needs catfood, particularly canned; cat litter and especially the specially designed cat houses from Monetary donations are always welcomed. Doing the rescuing there are always unexpected expenses. Of course you can still foster and/or adopt one of the beautiful felines.

JFF: The correct website url is

We're sorry we haven't been able to get around to visit much lately. Jan spent days trying to get the new avg 9 to stop trying to kill zone alarm. It's been a battle. As of last night, the internet is a little easier, but the war isn't won yet.


  1. I dunt tinkz dat kitty katz iz supposeded to hab dem ta-tooz & I tink sumz hoomin beanz habz 2 manyz of dem. OK?

  2. Happy Halloween to you!
    Tatooing a cat is a very stupid idea and should count among animal cruelty.

  3. We thinks that is terrible... our hearts go out to any cat that has to endure such cruelty!

  4. That tattoos doesn't sound like a good thing at all. Where do these folks think of tings to do to furries? I don't get it.
    Hope you are having a fun filled Halloweed time!

  5. Wishing you a very happy halloween! No tats on me, but Mom has one. She wouldn't give an animal one ever!!!

    Hugs, Kodak

  6. Hoomans are just too stoopid fur some many reasons...

    Sorry about the tekhh battle fur Jan...

    Happy HOWLoween!

    I hope woo got lots of treats and no trikhks!


  7. Tattoos for cats don't sound right!
    Happy Halloween!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Cat with a Garden said...
    Happy Halloween to you!
    Tatooing a cat is a very stupid idea and should count among animal cruelty.

    I agree 100%!!!


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