Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Package Opens

"Well, what's in the package?" Crystal asks before Buddy has a chance to look into the package he has just ripped open.

"Yes, what's in the package?" chorus the other Funny Farm residents.

"I knew I smelled cat in here," Buddy announces, blocking everyone's view with his big body. "And I was right. A hound's nose never lies!"

Cotton tries to squeeze between the other cats, hoping to catch a glimpse into the package. "But what is it?"

"It's ....."

Today we're so happy we just want to spend the day enjoying our surprise gift. Tomorrow we'll post photos. Meanwhile, if you really can't wait to see what is in the package, you can visit Poppy Q for a clue.

And you can see similar (you thought we were going to tell you what it is, didn't you?) at Darling Millie.

(s) The Funny Farm Felines and their jealous Canine friends


  1. Hi everyone! Poppy sent us over to meet you.

    We think we know what's in that package. A GIZZY QUILT!!

  2. Hey, Crew,

    Thanks for stopping by Jan's Funny Farm and leaving your guess as to what was in the package.

    You're realllllly close, but not quite..... Just a smidge off.

    Nice to meet all of you.
    (S)The Funny Farm residents

  3. I know!
    I know!
    I know!
    I know!

  4. Well, we are pretty sure we know what is in it, but we will wait until you post pictures just to be sure!


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