Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Feast

Many of you cats and dogs were drooling over the prospect of Thanksgiving turkey or, in some cases, ham. And most of you were indulged a bit by your human staff.

We found a video of Winston's Thanksgiving feast and we're going to post it here. Not because we advocate stuffing your felines or dogs with people food (Jan made us say that) but because the video is funny. It's kind of like a no-no of how to feed your pet. (Sigh. She made us say that too.)

Some of you may have already met Winston. He's quite a character. Here he is again.

We recommend you show this to your staff as a training video on why their pets die of kindness at a young age. (You know she made us say that. Oh, Jan, eating like this would be so much fun!)

Video is no longer available.


  1. Like me, those cats need a bit of extra.

    Has Pixie seen the cat eating the banana?

  2. That is a fun video. I never saw a cat who liked celery before.

  3. I have to sniff efurrything, too ... I don't know if I want some unless I can have a sniff an' a taste.

  4. HOLY CATS! This is the best eating my mommy ever she expects me to eat that stuff...just look what you guys did to me now! That Winston is my mums kinda cat...a Hoover!
    I am working on the cat show petition right now before mom comes with the medicine again:)
    Love Miss Peach

  5. That was delicious. I'm hungry now so I can't talk for long. Did you have lots of turkey bits and pie?

  6. Love the part wif da celery. I don't finks I've had celery but it looks like if would be a good fing to clean my teef on.


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