Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pet Toothpaste Recall

Bet you never expected to see a toothpaste recall alert on the Funny Farm. But since so many pet owners are brushing their dogs and cats teeth nowadays, we thought we would post this important warning for Pet Edge Toothpaste in our journal.

The FDA has found a poisonous chemical, diethylene glycol (DEG), in certain toothpastes imported from China. Diethylene glycol can be found in antifreeze and other solvents. It can cause headaches and illness, or in high doses, renal failure or death. (You should never allow your pet to lap up any spilled antifreeze. ) The FDA has been warning consumers for several months to avoid using tubes of toothpaste labeled as made in China.

This includes Top Performance® ProDental? Toothpaste
with Toothbrush kit 1.4 oz., Item No. TP128. It comes in :
Beef flavor: UPC 721343128151 and
Mint flavor: UPC 721343128564

If your staff should have any of this on hand, whack it into the trashcan! Protect yourself and your staff. Check the labels of your human's toothpaste and if it was imported from China, whack it into the trashcan too.

Thanks to The National Pet Foundation for the warning in their newsletter. You can sign up to receive their pet recall alerts on their website.

(s) Jan's Funny Farm residents

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