Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Doggie Gizzies

Oh, dear, with everything going on around here the last two weeks, we never did remember to post the photos we wanted to share with you. If you remember, Millie and her mom sent us two Gizzy quilts from Poppy and her mom in New Zealand.

Jan made six kitty beds for us cats. (You can see the kitty beds here.) 3 of them are Gizzy beds. But before Jan earmarked the Gizzies for winter beds, the dogs borrowed them to pose for a picture.

This is a picture of Cyndi and Buddy "sharing" a Gizzy quilt. Cyndi is daring Buddy to kick her off her Gizzy and Buddy is growly because it's temporarily his.

And here are Buddy and Samaritan hanging over the 3 Gizzies in a row. They're big dogs and they don't fit on them like we cats do.

All in all, we get along well. But those Gizzies sure are popular around here. We're real happy to have them.

(s) Percy, Secretary to the Funny Farm Writing Club

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