Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cat Talking Video

You know I can't pass up posting this video. I have never seen the original but this one is the translation, so I assume the original one was in neither English nor Meowish. Or in Arfish, so doggies could understand it.

But here it is, in all its cuteness, brought to us by someone with a vivid and fun imagination.


  1. oooooooooomygoshhhhhhhh ! that is so funny!
    I think they have the feline friends down pat. I do believe thats the way pets think sometimes; thank you so much Jan for sharng this great video !

  2. We wanted to stop in say hi. Sassy sent us. Did you know that WE have a pet named Cyndi (spelled the same way)? Of course our pet is human.

    Looking forward to reading through your blog.

    Your new friends,
    Opus and Roscoe

  3. This is so funny!!! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. This is soooooo funny!! :)

  5. Thanks! Glad you liked my vid!


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