Friday, November 23, 2007

Kitty Limericks

We have been reading a number of lists of things cats and humans are thankful for this Thanksgiving. It is wonderful to know the spirit of thanksgiving is still alive.

But we were humbled to read the list on one particular blog.

Please stop by Kitty Limericks, read the Happy Thanksgiving list, and leave a comment.


  1. Thanks for sending us over there!
    We just got over several years where everything seemed to go wrong, one disaster after another so we can definitely relate.
    We love Karen Jo & her limericks!

  2. Yup, we love Karen Jo and she has had some challenges this year! It's good to remember all the things to be thankful for!

  3. I agree it's one of our favourite sites too. FAZ

  4. Thank you so much. I hardly know what to say. I really appreciate all the help and support I have been receiving from all the really nice creatures and beans who read my blog.


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