Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Package Contains

We apologize for this story dragging into 3 parts and taking so long to post. We intended to post the photos of the package contents Monday or Tuesday but the camera Jan has been using started having seizures or something serious again, only this time it went into a coma and couldn’t be revived. Fortunately, our photos were rescued off the old card inserted into a new camera. (We want to thank Bill and the local Humane Society for help in getting these pictures posted today.)

So, now we have a question for you. What is better than a Gizzy Quilt?

Answer:The Crew guessed a Gizzy Quilt. They were sooooo close. Who could have imagined there would be two?

See how well the two new ones match the one we already had? Well, it's hard to see that with cats in the way, but they do match. Miss Lynne put a different backing on each quilt.

Here is Cyndi expressing what we feel about these wonderful gifts. Whoopee!!!!

Buddy got all excited. He thought the two were just the right size for his personal bed. He would have room to stretch.

Percy looks at Crystal and asks, "Want to trade?" "No, I'm partial to this one," Crystal answers.

Percy is peeved. "Hey, Samaritan, you get off my Gizzy Quilt! This is for cats only!"

Why did Buddy's sensitive hound nose detect the scent of cat when he sniffed the package for a bomb? Because Millie did the quality testing. We gave you a hint when we put this link to Poppy Q in yesterday's post. These beautiful Gizzy Quilts were a gift from Poppy Q and her mom. Thank you for such a lovely surprise!

And you too, Miss Lynne from Darling Millie, for picking out the colors and matching them to our first quilt. The attention to detail makes them extra special. You do beautiful work. Photos of her quilts and their happy owners are posted on Bizzy for Gizzy Quilts.

The last few days we have been wracking our brains trying to figure out why Poppy would do such a nice thing for a bunch of new friends who live halfway around the world. (Poppy lives in New Zealand, remember.)

And we think we figured out the reason. It's because of our journal entry after Hurricane Katrina, "Cameron Collects Club Dues," isn't it, Poppy? We weren't expecting a reward, but thank you anyway. (In case you accidentally sent them to the wrong address, we're not returning the quilts. We love them!)

Funny Farm Felines and Friends


  1. Hi funny farm and Jan,
    it makes me and my mum so happy to see you all enjoying the quilts. Do you know I hadn't read about your Cameron Collects Club dues before.

    I just knew that you would really really appreciate some more lovely gizzy quilts to share during the winter. I only wish we had enough monies to buy you all one.

    Enjoy my friends.

    Poppy q

  2. What a wonderful gift! PoppyQ is a wonderful kitty!

  3. Poppy Q is such a sweet kitty!

  4. Oh that was so nice of Poppy Q. How great of her! The quilts are beautiful!!
    Your FL furiends,


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