Wednesday, November 21, 2007


To all kitties and woofies: Please remember to skip the turkey skin, mashed potatoes, gravy, chocolate, desserts, and apertifs. You can, however, eat a little white meat from the turkey and all the unbuttered, unseasoned cooked veggies you want.

We know you have been drooling for some time now at the thought of having your own Thanksgiving spread just like your family's. But it's your job to make sure you eat right, even if your family and staff try to entice you with foods that can cause gastric upset, diarrhea, choking, pancreatitis or any other emergency health situation. It might smell good. Might even taste yummy. But if it isn't on your list of approved safe foods, just pull the finicky act and walk away.

Remember, even though your family has your best interest at heart, they don't always understand what is best for you to eat. And when faced with temptation, it's too easy to succumb. You don't want to be sick - or, gasp, worse! - so eat smart and stay healthy.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Thanks for the advice but I only eat the white meat myself. FAZ

    p.s. I did try some cream once (which was delicious) but did make me a bit squitty.

  2. Mom is relieved these instructions are not for her!

  3. We's hafin hamm. It's safer. But, you said the magic werd - Temptations! Mmmmmmm ::spin::
    Mom boiled turkey giblets an neck fur the cat afore Bonnie, an she was the happiest little ball of fur Mom efur sawed. Purrs an a Happy Fanksgivin to alla yous!

  4. If I can get to it, I'm eating it. It's just the way I am!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

    We don't do Thanksgiving in Holland, but the staff only let us eat cat food... (there's turkey flavor too:)

  6. I love it when I am able to sweet look them for goodies from their plates. I finally have my mom,dad and gran wrapped around my paw. Please don't let them see this article. I am especially fond of bread....yummmmmmmmmm
    Please send any leftovers to me and I will take good care of them.
    Happy Thanksgiving Jan and all my buddies, even you Buddy.
    Love and wags,


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