Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our First Award

Poppy Q is full of nice surprises. She left us a message to come visit her blog. We did and discovered she gave us an award.

We haven't received any awards before. Well, Buddy did once. He received the Scruffy Award. Oh, and he also received the Good Behavior Award. And Merci received the Bedmaking Award. But Jan gave us those awards. It isn't quite the same as getting one from a friend. Jan's our staff and we love her, though.

Poppy Q gave us this award because we inspired Jan to take photos at the local shelter. All those cats and dogs deserve a chance, but unfortunately most of them don't make it. That makes Jan sad - and us too. Merci was adopted from the shelter. So was Rusty. Jan adopted him for Miss Mother, but she died last year. The rest of us were throwaways Jan rescued (her brother Mr. Doug saved Buddy) before we ended up at the shelter.

We're supposed to pass on this award. We don't know that many blogging kitties yet, and many of the ones we do know have already received this, so we've spent the afternoon researching so we can make a good choice. We thought of giving it to Monty Q because his singing was so popular with all the cats and dogs riding on the cross-country bus earlier this month, but we were afraid he would be offended - him being a ManCat and all.

We narrowed it down to two and voted. It was a tie vote, so we will give this award to both The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee for their wonderful work fostering orphaned baby kitties and to Little Sassy Cat because she did such a great job of giving out of work cat actors jobs on her movie CCSI during the writers strike.

Now if you are wondering how we could have a tie vote with nine residents, Crystal insisted that Jan should have a vote and since she was out frozen turkey hunting, he, as the oldest and the club president, voted as her proxy.

We've been reading the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee site for a while now. Those babies are adorable! We just met Sassy this afternoon, but we thought she did a great job on her movie script.

Jan's Funny Farm residents


  1. Oh, my this is such a surprise. I am so glad to meet you and still not sure how you found me to give me this beautiful award. I'll think about who I want to pass it on to. I will add this to my posting with my other awards. I hope we get to know you better. I am so glad that most of the cats you talked about found homes. It is too sad when a kitty doesn't have a mom or a dad. Again, thank you.

  2. Hey I forgot to ask you, are Buddy, Cameron, Cotton, Crystal, Cyndi, Merci, Percy, Rusty & Samaritan all brothers & sisters. I think it is neat if you all are, I am an only and would like a brother or sister but that won't happen, I'm pretty sure about that.
    Also, when I think about who to pass the award to what are the requirements and qualities to look for in their blog? When you get back to me I will then post my award and make my selection on who will get it next. This is great! Again thank you!!

  3. Hi, I am MoMo. Sassy sent me over to meet your amazing, beautiful furry family. Like Sassy, I am in a lone cat household and I don't get any company during the day when my SS is away at university. Come and visit my blog and say hi!

  4. Oh my, I hope this one goes thru to you. You should all be proud of yourselves and of course Jan too.!Kee up the good work. I'm sure your going to be doing alot of antics during'turkey day. Let me know if this comes thru.''''Love ya all Carolyn

  5. Oh behalf of all the Itty Bitty Committee members, we thank you for the award !!!

    Love from all my kitties to your kitties,, and doggies too !



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