Monday, November 19, 2007

Buddy's Leash

Last night while we were walking Jan something unexpected happened. Can anyone guess what it was?

Hint: Does anyone see anything different about Buddy's leash?

Well, fortunately, we managed to bring Jan safely home, despite the emergency. Whew! What would we do without her? Who would clean/change the cat litter? Or feed us, especially Buddy? (You already know how much he loves food!)

And what if Jan had been injured wandering around loose? We would have had to drive her to the hospital while we were all upset. Percy could have had an accident. Oh, wait, he did have an accident. Just a teeny one. But he could have had another one.

And since our brakes won't work again, Jan's car really wouldn't be safe on the road. Yes, I said the brakes won't work again. Rusty, Cameron and Samaritan have resigned from brake duty. (If you missed that adventure, you can read about it in "Farming Michael Vick Continued." We'll probably be grounded till we're fifty over that escapade! And I was only along to bail them out if they got arrested.)

But fortunately nothing happened last night. Merci, Buddy and Samaritan brought Jan safely home.

Good job!

(s) Merci


  1. I am so glad that Jan did not run away, you have to be so careful when you are wallking your human. Sometimes they can run off to anywhere. Maybe you should have one of those chips put in her? You probably don't know Beau but he is really ill right now. I am mentioned to all of my friends and thinking if they visit him it might make he and the family feel a little better knowing we are pulling for him. He is asking that we keep him in our thought and prayers, he requested healing prayers. Maybe ya all could stop over to his place and give out some hugs. I have his link on my blog.

  2. Wow -you guys drove a car! Wow! I am impressed!
    Anyway, you have to watch those humans every second. Now you have to get her a new leash!

  3. Good fing Jan didn't spook an run up a tree. Looks like a new "wireless" leash!


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