Saturday, November 10, 2007

Musical Beds

It is that time of year when Jan makes up kitty beds and puts them throughout the house so we can play musical warm beds. She makes them out of plastic dishpans or baskets, lines them with towels, pieces of blankets, or whatever she can find that will be warm. These beds are just our size. Well, they aren’t Rusty’s size. He has to have a big rectangular clothes basket, which we like to loll about in during the day because it is deep and roomy.

Since the package arrived and we now have 3 lovely Gizzy Quilts, Jan decided to make 3 Gizzy beds and 3 not-a-Gizzy-beds.

This is Cotton posing in a Gizzy bed.

And here is Crystal.

And Cyndi.

And Cameron.

And Percy wondering how he ended up in one of the not-a-Gizzy-beds

We’re sure going to enjoy our Gizzy beds this year. Thanks to Poppy Q and her mom and Millie and her mom, we have some luxurious accommodations for the winter months.

The dogs are jealous but they have some pictures they want to share in another journal entry.

(s) The Funny Farm Felines


  1. Thanks for visiting us!!! we is so happy to make new friends!!

  2. Hi Jan and the Funny Farm gang.
    I have really enjoyed the blogs they always bring a smile to my day..
    the Quitlts are beautiful..and I know the Funny farm will enjoy them and they will warm and snugg.
    Thanks for sharing with us out her on the do a wonderful job. keep up the great work.
    see u later kid
    love 2 ya

  3. Dems look good cosy beds for the winter. Does it get cold where you live?
    It gets cold in Wellington, New Zealand where I live but doesn't ever snow here.

    Have a great weekend funny farm.

  4. Poppy Q is a great kitty, she sented us a quilt a while backs and we all loves it. Our momma puts it over the heating vent in the libing room and when the heat is on, its like a heat pad. oooh we luvs it soooo much!!

  5. fanks for stopping in our bloggie too! We finks that Momma's make great heating pads too, and you don'ts even has to plug them in!


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