Friday, August 31, 2018

Southern Dialect Goose

Marcus:  Honk, honk, honk -

Cyndi:  What's the matter, Marcus?  Do you have a cold?

Marcus:  No.  I'm practicing my honks.

Cyndi:  Oh, you're on the driving kick again and you're pretending to be a car horn?

Marcus:  Of course not.  All of you made fun of me when I insisted I can speak fluent goose.  (Late for a Recital ) You insisted geese honk and don't have a second language, so I'm practicing my honking to see if they understand me any better.  I doubt it, but I'm willing to try since we're going to have more geese than this arriving soon for the cold weather.

Cyndi:  You do know today is Flashback Friday and you honking does not constitute a flashback?

Marcus:  It's a flashback for me.  I'm remembering all those great conversations I've had with geese.

Cyndi:  And I'm remembering all the delusions you're posted about speaking geese ... er, goose.  You know, bird!    (Swiss Cheese TheoryMarcus Two StepMister I Speak GeeseA Honkless HolidayTranslating Goose to DogGiggle of Goose GaggleMarcus Speaks Geese.)

Marcus:  Hey, thanks for gathering our conversations together so I can go back and review them.  It will make it easier to compare results over time.  I'll be very surprised if they can understand me when I honk, but if I work on my accent, it should work.

Cyndi:  Of course, that's it!  You have to honk in the same dialect as the arriving geese and most of them don't speak with a Southern accent.

Marcus:  I'm glad you understand.  The rest of the Funny Farmers think I'm off my trolley.

Cyndi:  You speak geese with a Southern drawl.  What's not to understand?  **cough, cough**

Marcus:  Are you okay?  You haven't caught the cold I don't have, have you?

Cyndi:  No, no, I'm fine, just have a goose feather tickling my funny bone.

We are joining Flashback Friday.  To see other blog entries and/or to enter your own blog, visit the Five Sibes.

Percy:  And don't forget, we Funny Farmer Felines have another Mousebreath interview today.  You can read Gidget Bluesky and Honey Sunshine at Mousebreath.

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  1. Hari OM
    BOL... Oh Marcus, I have missed you and your goose-translating abilities!!! Cyndi, why on earth would you think Marcus delusional? He is the Great Swampi after all!!! Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Ya done good Marcus! Hey, I was goosed once, it wasn't fun!

  3. Geese can be mighty mean if you rile them up. I work real hard trying not to rile them up.

    You've done well, Marcus.

    Try linking this post to Feline Friday. I promise I won't link you.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. We've been seeing the geese flying around lately. I don't bother barking at them any more. They don't seem to pay attention and just keep flying.

  5. This is too hilarious! Oh Marcus; the butt of every joke...
    I was once chased by a swan, which are much bigger than geese; scared me to death!

  6. Oh, Marcus, I think someone has got your goose...

  7. Marcus, that's nice of you to greet those visiting geese. We believe in you, pal!

  8. We have geese on the marshes here all year round, but around October/ November hundreds more fly in. Maybe you could come and speak to them for us, Marcus.

  9. We rarely see Canadian Geese down here... too bad you can't record Marcus honk/barking goose ;-)

  10. Roast Marcus one and see if he honks about it.

  11. You are such a sweetie Marcus.

  12. As a proper southern goose would honk...Bless your heart ♥

  13. Having the right accent really does make a difference. Maybe you could try Canadian too? I hear tell some of the gooses come from that way?
    Keep up the great work for international cooperation and free trade in geese!

  14. I remember Honey Sunshine very well. I was very sad when she flew away.

  15. Mom said she has been chased by a goose too. It sure ISN'T fun.

  16. Squeee! I'm very impwessed wif yoor fluency in Goosespeak. We get gooses on our fwont lawn, but I've never had a conversation with them. Maybe I need some lessons, Marcus. *shyly bats eyelashes*

  17. Marcus...You made my Mom laugh so hard, coffee came out her nose (something to do with her memories of those posts)And she started to cough and she sounded like a dog and Cinnamon got all upset and barked too and then Mom and |Cinnie were barking back and forth and Jo Jo (who speaks dog) said they were punning.

  18. Bazinga! We used to have geese but we moved and hardly see them anymore. We do have turkeys that we saw on our walk but they don't talk much. We do try to walk like them and do the turkey trot

  19. You're right, Marcus, it's always useful to know a foreign language (or two, or three, ...), you never know when you'll need it. Purrs

  20. It's so cool to communicate with goose!! We'll look up how to do it as well!!! :D :D

    Momo & Pinot

  21. Southern honkin' huh? Well, good luck with that. MOL big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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