Friday, August 03, 2018

The Intruder

Marcus:  Hey, Cyndi, I heard there was an intruder Tuesday night.  What's the story? 

Cyndi:  We had a huuuuuuge, gigantic cat get into the house and it ate over two bowls of our cat food before Jan chased it away.

Marcus:  I hadn't heard.  That must have been scary.

Cyndi:  It was.  I'm blind, but I knew there was something reallllly big beside me on the washing machine where our food and water are kept.

Marcus:  How did it get up that high?

Cyndi:  It must have jumped.  Or perhaps it used the steps Jan put there for me to get up and down.  A short step and a high stool.

Marcus:  It's lucky I missed it or I would have torn it limb from limb.

Cyndi:  Don't brag.  You would have run for your crate and closed the door.

Marcus:  How did it manage to eat three bowls of your food?  I would think Jan would have figured there was a problem by the second bowl.

Cyndi:  She was a bit confused.  Our bowl was empty.  She filled it.  It was empty again.  She wondered why we were so hungry and licked up every crumb, but filled it a third time.  And then -

Marcus:  And then what happened?

Cyndi:  It was late at night.  Jan walked into the kitchen without turning on the light, but the the room behind her was lit .  She was thoroughly shocked to see the looming shape of a giant cat on top of our washer munching away.

Marcus:  Did she run?

Cyndi:  No, but it jumped down and ran away.  As it raced past her, Jan let out one loud and frightening shriek -


Marcus:  I still don't understand why Jan blamed me.

Cyndi:  The next time you want to play innocent, wipe the crumbs off your face first.

Taylor:  We interviewed another cat this week.  There were two - Emma and Buster - but only Buster responded.

Percy:  Cat got Emma's tongue?

Taylor:  Guess so.

Percy:  You can read Emma and Buster the Posey Cat at Mousebreath.


  1. Hari Om
    Oh, Marcus... totally busted mate!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Sometimes you got to solve the munchie problem Marcus!

  3. A cat has got to do what a cat must do, eh Marcus? I read the Emma and Buster interview, and stopped at their bloggy to say hi!

  4. Ahha, so now we know the truth of the matter! Marcus you're very lucky to have such tolerant cat-siblings. Purrseidon has been known to give Saphera the whacky paw when she does something wrong.

  5. Oh, dear Marcus! We believe that a huge cat disguised to look like you was the culprit. BOL! BOL!

  6. Oh, Jan, you could have mistaken that kitty for a TIGER!!! Then what? MARCUS, you are supposed to monitor these break-ins....what's holding you back>

  7. Yipes! I wonder if that big cat is a stray or belongs to someone and just likes to mooch of others? Hope it wasn't a bobcat or something.

  8. marcus.....just sayin but we think ewe owe de catz sum chow...just a random thought that crozzed R mindz two day...mite be sum trooth ta thiz...then...may bee knot ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  9. It musta been a wild bobcat. Not you, not at all. ;)

  10. Yup, we had that happen here once too...MOL/BOL!
    Sometimes them intruuder critters look awfully furmiliar!

  11. That is funny :) I read your interview, nice to learn more about Emma and Buster.

  12. MOL! That must have been some strange looking cat. ;-)

  13. Oops, think you were caught red-pawed Marcus.

  14. Yeah? Well the intruder we had here the other night was about the size of a human! Thank goodness for dad's Crocs. That thing was not going down without a fight to the death. Happy weekend, y'all!

  15. Oh Marcus! You almost had me fooled.

  16. OMC We totally thought a big cat got into ya'll's house...or at least a coon maybe. MOL Marcus, we don't think cat noms are very good fur you. You better stick to the dog noms from now on. All that fright isn't good fur Jan. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  17. We was shaking thinking about that big kitty getting into your house and eating all your foods!!! Marcus, you are a real goof...that's kitty food.

  18. Oh Marcus... What would you do for some more food ! Purrs

  19. Hmm, a giant cat named Marcus? What a coincidence. MOL. ;)

    We will go and check out your interview with Buster (and silent Emma)!

  20. hello marcus its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh noes it sownds like the ninja hedjhogs hav gottin hold of a marcus mask and ar yoozing it to kommit krimes wot yoo git blaymd for!!! they did the saym thing to me wunse and almost got away with it too!!! ok bye

  21. Thanks for the share. This was a great story. Marcus is still playing innocent with kitty food all over his face. He was doing his best impression as a cat. I guess that didn't work out so well. Great post. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals


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