Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Marcus Two-Step

Micah:  Is it true what I heard about Marcus honking again?


Buddy:  It depends on what you heard.  If you heard he was communicating with geese again, that's sort of true.

Micah:  How can it be "sort of" true?

Buddy:  Well, Marcus sort of thinks he was communicating with geese again.   I couldn't attest that either species was on the same honking dialect.  In fact, I am pretty certain they weren't.

Micah: How can you be sure?

Buddy:  As we walked closer, the geese backed up and began to two-step to our left.

Micah:  So why did Marcus come home so proud of himself?

Buddy:  He thinks he taught them to dance.

PS:  Regarding yesterday's post - Flat Black Flying Insect -  where Jan was stung by the mystery insect.  (She only saw it squashed for a second.)  She tried to cut the same bushes in the rain yesterday, hoping things would be uneventful.  Before long, there were insects flying around, so she retreated.

She really wants to find out where they are hiding, so when it rained a little harder, she thought she would try again.  They came out again.  She came in the house to get her reading glasses.  Wearing them, she was able to stand on the porch and locate one upside down through an opening in the bush.  W- A - S - P!

We've had wasps flying around "on" our porch for years.  Never found where they came from and they never bothered us.  Wasps in the bushes is something new.  These didn't actually bother Jan either.  She researched over the weekend and found wasps can build a nest in a bush and be highly aggressive to someone just walking by.  But there is no nest in these bushes!

Wonder what kind of wasps these could be?  She accidentally "attacked" the wasp that stung her, not the other way around, and so far they haven't bothered her, but Jan is terrified they won't take kindly to repeated disturbances.   Those bushes have got to be trimmed!  Any safe advice?


  1. Night time is when those dudes are sleepy...you could evict them or cut down the nest. or spray them...directs the spray right into the nest. Only use spry of=r get lose to them at night. That way they will all be in the nest and they will be too sleepy to come out.

    Hope no ore stings happen. Wear long sleeves and maybe a pair of sturdy gloves. Do you have a face mask?

  2. Hari OM
    Not so flat after all!!! Marcus you made to teach Jan that two step and backwards dance...
    Jan - this is a job which you may have to hand over... Meezer is right about the spray approach; this from Urban Wildlife Control
    "Commercial wasp and hornet aerosols are available to the public for treating wasp nests. These aerosols must be applied directly to the nest, not to individual wasps. These aerosols are excellent for treating nests that are easily accessible. Many of these contain pyrethroids. In addition, some contain a “freezing” agent that stuns the wasps to prevent them from flying and stinging. Be very careful if you decide to use one of these and be certain to follow the directions."

    But also found this... (hope I am correct on state location). My father recently had to get the exterminators over at his place for a wasps nest.

    Or you could just ignore that bush and leave them to it. Live and let live and all that. Hope you can find your solution soon. Stay safe. YAM xx

  3. Save advice? RUN - No I take that back - FLEE! Snorts with piggy laughter. I'm not sure how to get rid of them. I'm sorry but I do hope you are feeling better. Now I'm off to practice the geese two step. XOXO - Bacon

  4. The best advice we could say is to get rid of them, at night, with a good aerosol. Make sure that you are protected yourself with gloves, long sleeves, hat and googles. Purrs

  5. Seems like those wasps are everywhere! They are in all our trees! And we hear the honkers too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Mommy was blowing a bee away from her face. Then found out if you blow on a bee they get you
    Lily & Edward

  7. We had the same problem with our front bushes. These were like hornets in a hole under the bushes. We waited until night when they are asleep and sprayed a lot of wasp killer into their hole. They were gone in the morning. Night time is the only time you can approach their nest. Try to find a hole in the ground under the bush. I think you'll find the source of your problems.

  8. Sorry to hear about the insects. Yikes! Marcus, it is great you are trying to talk to the geese!

  9. We've had wasps build nests under our overhangs on the house. Makes coming and going inside the house fun sometimes!

  10. Hey Marus, go honk those flying bugs away pal!

  11. I would hire a handyman for that job.

  12. guys...noe joke...tell jan ta mix 2 cupz water; 1 tsp dawn { haz ta bee dawn } and 1/4 cup vinegar ina spray bottle....spray de bushes AT NITE when de waspz bee non active.....it willna hurt de bushes { we haz used thiz same mixture ona spruce that had spider mites } N it will make de waspz moove elze wear coz they due knot like de smell...trooth...we had em tryin ta nest at de garage korner N de food gurl sprayed that korner everee day for bout 10 dayz....wazpz iz noe mor ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  13. Yep the wasps like to hang out in the jasmine that hangs over the Pergola at our house and once Mom was stung and it felt like a hot poker!

  14. Marcus gets all the funns honking at gooses and teeching them to danse... we neber sees much birds on our tv. - Joey and Lil Bear.


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