Monday, June 30, 2014

Four Pees in a Pen

Buddy:  Marcus, I called you here because Merci, Sam and I need to have a talk with you.

Marcus:  Okay, but can we make this short because Jan promised to play soccer with me soon.

Percy:  Hey, why are you dogs huddled in the bathroom?  It's awfully hot in here.  Why don't you come out near the fan?

Sam:  We're holding a private meeting, Percy.  Just us canines.

Micah:  There's no such thing as a private anything around here.  Hey, Cyndi, Cameron and Rusty, come in the bathroom.  We're having a meeting.

Merci:  A private meeting.  Private!  You cats weren't invited but now there are so many bodies in here it's like a sauna.  I think I might pass out.

Rusty:  Don't hit your head on the tub if you do.  It could make a nasty bump.

Buddy:  Okay, we're not going to get any privacy, so let's all move into the living room.  Perhaps there's a little air moving in there.

Cyndi:  What's so important you dogs wanted privacy?

Sam:  If you don't mind, Cyndi, this is a guy thing.

Cameron:  Oh, okay, Cyndi and Merci, you can leave.  The rest of us will have a meeting.

Merci  I am not leaving.  This concerns me too.  And, Cyndi, don't you leave either, since the rest are staying.

Buddy:  As I was about to say, Marcus, you are growing up and we need to have a talk about pee -

Marcus:  Oh, I already know about pee mail and pee spam.  Can I go play now?.

Buddy:  Pee etiquette.  We need to have a talk about pee etiquette, Marcus!

Sam:  Do you remember how you used to follow us around and imitate whatever we did?   You were so cute then.

Marcus:  Thanks, Sam.  I appreciate the talk.

Merci:  Sit down.  We haven't started the talk yet. 

Buddy:  A month or so ago you began the transition from puppy pee-er to adolescent pee-er.  It was kind of cute.  I lifted my leg and peed ON the doghouse that all of us except Rusty hate.  Directly behind me, you lifted your leg and peed INTO the doghouse.

Rusty:  He did what?  He peed in my cathouse?  No wonder it stinks in there now.

Sam: My size prohibits me from lifting my leg, but one day while I was watering the dirt, you walked up to me, lifted your leg and PEED ON MY LEG!  That was the first time.

Buddy:  And you have done the same to me.

Sam:  It was bad enough to have a little squirt ... well, squirt us, but we understand that Sunday morning when Jan walked you and Merci together, you did the same to little Merci.  She's a GIRL.

Merci:  A gentlemen dog does not pee on another dog, especially on a lady dog.

Buddy:  Listen very carefully, Marcus, because I am about to impart one of the most important life lessons you will ever learn.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER PEE ON ANOTHER DOG!  Pee etiquette demands that you WAIT UNTIL THE DOG HAS MOVED BEFORE YOU TRY TO COVER HIS /HER SCENT WITH YOUR OWN!!!!!

Marcus:  Okay, I hear you.  Can I go play now?

Sam:  *sigh*  Yes, you can go now Marcus.

Merci:  It went right in one ear and out the other, didn't it?

Buddy:  I'm afraid so.  Evidently hearing isn't dependent on having extra large ears, as Marcus does.  There needs to be something between them.

Percy:  Oh, we almost forgot again.  We are trying to help a friend find a puppy.  Does anyone know a good breeder of AKC Yorkie or Westie or Toy Poodle puppies in the West Central Georgia area?  We would be much obliged if someone could help direct us toward one with good references, perhaps from personal experience of someone you know.


  1. LOL!! Awwww Marcus!! You are getting some great advice there from you wonderful fur-blings about pee etiquette!! We hope you listen, watch and learn! Yay! Take care

  2. Pee etiquette...a subject of great importance haaha :) and yes you must wait your turn..even if it means you all end up going back and forth for half an hour over the same pee patch until all pee has been drained....great advice and yes most likely in one ear...out the other ;) hugs Fozziemum x

  3. Pee etiquette such an important reason for an intervention.

  4. Pee etiquette is extremely important...
    It's great advice!


  5. Oh dear Marcus! Better watch the where you're Peeing!

  6. Poor Bentey used to get right under our Golden Retriever when he was a puppy. He would get a pee shower, then have to get a bath many times until he learned!

  7. I have this problem with Koda A LOT!!!! My other two huskies are female and he is male. He has peed on them SO SO SO many times!!!!! STOP IT! BOL!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. We only know pee mail so this is something new ;-)

  9. Pee etiquette sounds like someone should write a manual outlining all the rules for this...

  10. we canna help ewe on de hole pee izzue...bein box users N sum times misin de box N hittin de wall, but tell jan ta chex with de AKC registry ore may bee even de westminster website ♥

  11. Looks like little Marcus has to learn pretty quickly x

  12. Looks like little Marcus has to learn pretty quickly x

  13. MOL! Marcus, you sure know how to make us kitties laugh!

    We live in Central Georgia! We don't know of any breeders, but we can ask around and see what we can come up with.

  14. MOL! or should we say BOL! Our mom had a dream recently that a dog peed on her shoe. We usually get Carl pee in a box!

  15. MOL Marcus, you is such a funny woofie! We feels sorry for your furblings tho and we sure wouldn't want to be peed on either.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. Pee etiquette is an impawtant subject ! Even if you have great and patient teachers, Marcus, learn quickly ! Purrs

  17. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm so i am not suppozed to pee on my sister trixie as per dog etikett??? no wunder mama and dada always holler at me not to do that i thawt they wer just beeing fussy hyoomans!!! ha ha ok bye


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