Monday, June 23, 2014

Soccer Ball vs Marcus

Buddy:  Have we mentioned Marcus has an addiction to soccer?  His version, of course, but, nevertheless, soccer, so Jan has been trying to find a soccer ball that could survive Marcus' teeth without breaking her toes. The ball they've been playing can supposedly be stepped on by an elephant without breaking.  This explains why it is still in one piece around Marcus. 

Merci:  Jan was thrilled we would have an opportunity to test a canine soccer ball. 

Sam:  And not just any canine soccer ball but a Planet Dog orbee-tuff sport soccer ball, advertised as "doggie-durable, buoyant, minty and bouncy."  We're not sure why it's minty but she neglected to sniff it before its first use. (Planet Dog donates 2% of purchases to canine service programs.)   Hopefully, it would be Marcus-proof.

Merci:  It's non-toxic, recyclable and washable. Jan thought it was great and used the hole in it to throw it like a bowling ball.  Imagine her surprise when she finally read the label and discovered the hole was for stuffing treats. 

Buddy:  Well, here we were with the perfect soccer ball for Marcus.  And guess what?

Marcus:  *raises paw* I know the answer.  I wouldn't play with it.

Sam:  That's right, Marcus, you'd watch Jan kick the ball around or toss it and all you would do is squeal and beg Jan to play soccer with your "real" soccer ball. Jan was stumped.

Merci:  Then one day she threw it hard.  It hit the back of the pen, bounced off the doghouse, and kept bouncing.

Marcus:  I chased it, leaped in the air, and it kept bouncing.  That was fun.  And I can pick this ball up in my mouth. 

Marcus:  Now I take it back to Jan, drop it beside my original hard soccer ball and wait to see whether she will throw this one or kick the other.

Buddy:  And don't think Marcus can be fooled.  He knows which ball is to be kicked and which ball is to be bounced.   Kick or throw the wrong one and he ignores it.

Sam:  Here is Marcus looking over both balls. 

Marcus:  Come on, Jan, let's play!

Buddy:  You can see how Marcus rates his new Planet Dog orbee-tuff Sport soccer ball?  So what do we other canines think of Marcus' new toy - aside from the fact it keeps him out of our fur?  We decided to have some fun and say it with a graphic. provided a soccer ball for this review, but we were not paid.  Any opinions expressed are strictly our own.  Well, actually any opinions expressed are Marcus'. 


  1. Marcus, you are pretty pawsome! Very discriminating toy tastes.

  2. This might be worth looking at. Bailey loves soccer balls, but is always putting his teeth through them and getting so disappointed when they deflate.

  3. Do they make them in a smaller, tennis ball size with the soccer ball markings? That would be perfect around here to celebrate the World Cup.

  4. Marcus we ALL know that SOME thingys are ready fur playing Right outta the Package... and like this one... some thingys need to be SEASONED a bit furst.
    That looks like a super soccer Ball.

    LOVE CHEWY.COM... they are the bestest place fur Kibble and Toys and COTS and EVERYTHINGY... CHEWY ROCKS

  5. BWHahahaha...the advantages of a BIG mouth! My sissy Pepper would love a ball like that butt that ball is bigger than her entire head!

  6. Marcus you look like you are having a great time with that new ball and we're glad it's almost indestructible, now if an elephant stops by it might explode. MOL

  7. our neighbor alien, Cjuo, EATS soccer and basketball balls. yep, he EATS them.

  8. Marcus, you're definitely very particular about which ball is for what!

    Purrs to Jan as she remembers angel Cotton today (it's on the CB).

  9. marcus...thiz looks like a fun fun soccer food serviss gurlz familee hada bulldog a LOOOOOOOONG time ago N hiz fav o rite bee de racquet ball...he all ways had one in his "flew".....him wuz a brando wanna be !!! ♥

  10. If it's proofed by you, Marcus, it's the best quality ! Purrs

  11. Mowzers, Marcus! If team USA had you, they might not have earned a draw yesterday. WORD.

  12. So glad yous got a ball dat works good and dat yous like.

    Luv ya'


  13. We came back because we saw that it is Angel Cotton birthday today and we wanted to send warm wishes at the Bridge to Cotton.

  14. We are just watching WC Soccer on TV! Or, football as we call it here :-) The kids in our house have some soccer balls, but they are too big for me. I would need a kitty sized one.

  15. Marcus, we is happy Jan has found a toy you can't/haven't deaded yet! Have fun!!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. Marcus! What fabulous photos of you! You have grown into such a gorgeous little pup! Looks like your having a ton of fun with that ball too!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  17. I can think of only one thing to say. Gooooooooooaaaaaallllll.

  18. That is one tough soccer ball, if Marcus hasn't destroyed it yet. :)


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