Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chocolate Brindle Cat's Meow

Happy Father's Day!

Cameron:  It's time for another Sunday Smile, but first ...

Rusty:  But first, a word from our sponsor.

Sam:  What are you babbling about?  We don't have a sponsor.

Rusty:  No, but I've always wanted to say that.  Okay, I got it out of my system. 

Cyndi:  Glad to hear that but you interrupted the story flow.  Cameron, what were you saying?

Cameron:  I think I was saying, but first ...  I forget.  Oh, yeah, but first our black and white blog hop entry.

Merci:  I don't think I fade into the background in this photo as much as the original.

Sam: Yesterday we posted the original, a sepia and a graduated green version of this picture.  I still can't get over how white I am here. No mud from Marcus, but no freckles / spots either.  Did Jan give me a bath and I slept through it?  No, not possible!

Marcus:  Is it my turn to preen now?  Because I think if I had a bow tie I would look like a cat's meow.

Micah:  Marcus, you have no idea what a cat's meow looks like. 

Marcus:  I certainly do!  A cat's meow looks like a chocolate brindle with a white bib and pointy ears.

Buddy:  *rolls eyes*  Marcus, you aren't even a cat.  Someone please take this youngster off our paws!

Percy:  Our video today is guaranteed to put a Sunday Smile on your face.  It was such fun to watch the running of the baby goats.  So, let's watch it again.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Merci:  Friday we posted on Rescue vs Breeder and asked for reader feedback. Thank all of you who responded via comments or email. You offered some thought provoking commentary.  We appreciate each one of you.

We are joining Dachshund Nola and Golden Sugar for the Black and White blog hop.


  1. Those goats are so cute...and funny too!

  2. Those are like a million of little goats!
    Happy Father's Day!

  3. Thanks, for the great laugh. Those little goats are adorable, noisy and funny. Loved the video. You all look super in black and white just like you did in all the other colors. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. That's a cute video. I love the black and white picture too

  5. Cute video...they sure are noisy!

  6. Da goats be cute alwight.

    Luv ya'


  7. Great now I have to add running with baby goats on my bucket list! That was absolutely precious!

  8. I love yoow post..Mommi has such a big smile aftew weading it
    Yoow all so wondewful
    Smoochie kisses

  9. OH my we want some goats now! MOL

  10. We look forward seeing your Sunday video. Oh My how cute are the baby goats. Sending you Lots of Sugar's Sunday SMILES. Golden Woofs

  11. We look forward seeing your Sunday video. Oh My how cute are the baby goats. Sending you Lots of Sugar's Sunday SMILES. Golden Woofs

  12. Cute video. Happy Father's Day.
    Sue B

  13. Whare am all da Baby Goats going?
    -Lil Bear.

    Dey am running... -Oreo.

    Dat not whare day going. dat am what day doing... Oreo u am dumb.

    Oreo: no im not... dey am running after the peeple... dey looking fur der Pawther.

    Father it am Father!! -Lil Bear

    Anyway... Happy Pawtherz Day!!
    Frum all da Katie Katz.

  14. You know, Marcus, you may be on to something. Who really knows what a cat's meow LOOKS like? ;)

    Those goats are adorable!

  15. Happy Dad's Day to all Dad's everywhere, Past and Present; Dads who are Cats, Dads who are Dads of Beins, and Dads who are Dads of Cats! And to Moms who must also be "Dads".

  16. That was an adorable video!!!
    Especially the last part where the one little goat was running behind! BOL Thanks for the smile!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  17. Happy fathers day!

    That's a cool video...


  18. Bowsers those goats are something else. I wonder if they are just kidding around?



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