Thursday, March 07, 2013

Almost Thankful Thursday

Hey, Buddy here with an Almost Thankful Thursday report.

See, yesterday Jan splurged and bought a small frozen pizza for her dinner.  (Key word here is "her."  We furries weren't invited to the pizza pig-out.)   I went and sat next to her, telling her I had to go out.  So, leaving one slice on the plate ...

... she went to open the door for me.  Only I didn't come.  She looked back and the plate was empty.

She screamed.  I ran.  The pizza slice had a big tear in it but I didn't get to actually eat any of it.  Thus, today is Almost Thankful Thursday. 

Well, come to think of it, I'm still in one piece, so perhaps this really is Thankful Thursday, after all.


  1. Oh Dr Buddy, ME loves you so much! You is mine HERO - Billy

  2. Well, pizza really isn't pet food! LOL Happy Thursday!

  3. those darned people are so possessive of pizza.....sigh :)

  4. Oh just have to be a little faster next time. Apparently that Jan can move when there's food involved! :)

  5. Our dream is pizza flavored dog food. Can someone please come out with a can or bag of that?

  6. Buddy we bet you're in disgrace fancy trying to take the food from Jan's mouth! We bet Jan is pleased tday is Thankful Thursday!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. So close, Buddy! We're glad you're still in one piece, too, pal! :)

  8. Do you mean to tell us that she had the NERVE to Eat that Pizza Pawty all by HERSELF??? You didn't even get the Pizza BONES???

    Nice try with the Potty thingy though.

  9. Dang, and you almost had it all to yourself!

  10. *MOL* *MOL* *MOL*
    My mom say´s she can imagine the look on your mom-persons face :)

  11. Buddy!
    Maybe next time you will have enough time....
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Hmmmmmm - that wuz furry much clever - we Beaglebratz shall hafta try that sumtime. Our mom will give us the end crust - tiny peesez of it butt we want MORE!

    We FINALLY just signed on tue the blog hop an'now we iz duin'sum hoppin'. Nise tue meet ya Buddy.
    Shiloh] Diva

  13. Oh yeah - we Beaglebratz r also your newest followerz tue!
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  14. You should go out first and then eat pizza... i think. ummm I dunno.
    Toby the cat
    who always wants out.

  15. PepiSmartDog:
    Oh My DOG !! *drooling* Almost pizza is torture! I send you some pizza's buddy.
    Thank you so much for joining Thankful Thursday and hope you’ll join in each week, so we can get to know you better. Hugs :=o)


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