Monday, March 04, 2013

Buddy Stabbed, Video and Bridge

I got stabbed today.  My reward is I get to do today's post.

Have you ever seen a Scottie Pinwheel?  Well, you're in for a treat, just as they were. Because these Scotties are going to demonstrate the proper way to drink goat's milk.Watch closely and learn!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Oh, Jan says I have to stop exaggerating cause I did not get "stabbed."  I got a rabies vaccination.  SHE didn't get stabbed, so SHE can afford to be blase about it.  But I should know.  I'm the one that got STABBED!  

I wanted to share that first to make you smile, as the rest of the post is not a really happy one.  Four friends have left for the bridge within just 3 days. We are sad it came their time to go, but we are glad we had the opportunity to know them through their blogs.

And although most of you are already aware of these new bridge members, we want to do this as a small memorial post.

The lovely Grrreta.

The handsome Au of Katz Tales.  At this moment, there is still no post up for him but comments can be left on the blog regardless.

Chica, the heart cat of Wildcat Woods.

And today, the handsome and loveable Remington of The Life and Times of Remington.. 

We know there are a lot of tears being shed around the blogosphere.


  1. A needle qualifies as "stabbing" to us. We hope you got a few extra treats to make up for that!

    Yes, another very difficult time around the CB, with too many tears.

  2. That video is very funny!
    We are very sad about all those who have gone to the Bridge.

  3. We just went to leave our respects to Remington's parents.

  4. The scottish pinwheel did cheer us up a bit. We laughed on a very sad day. We were very good friends with Remington.

  5. You are right that is classed as a stabbing and it hurts. But it is necessary all the same. It has been a very sad time around the blog with so many friends gone to the bridge. There will be as you say many tears flowing.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. I guess that STABBING thingy is all about WHO the Victim is. RIGHT??

  7. Phew!! Good grief - we thought no!! Stabbed?!! Buddy?! No!! Awww but we are glad you got to do today's post as a reward!

    The scottie pinwheel is ADORABLE! And they drank all their milk - such good doggies!

    The weekend past has been awful - so many angels at the bridge. :-(

    Take care

  8. It's been a sad weekend around the blogosphere. We know that there are many aching hearts.


  9. Now that's a pinwheel!
    Benny & Lily

  10. Oh no....a visit to the stabby place is never fun!!

    We've got sad hearts because so many friends have gone to the Bridge recently.

    The Florida Furkids

  11. The Bridge has been very active again. Thank you for letting us know about the other 3. We only heard about Remington.

    We'll miss all our furiends and won't ever furget them.

  12. Yikes on the stabby thing poor Buddy! Those Scotties got it going!

    Yes, too much sadness, again, too many friends gone.


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