Friday, March 08, 2013

The Blues Brothers Speak

These handsome mancats are Bugsy and Knuckles from the old Max the Quilt Cat blog.  We Funny Farmer Felines interviewed them and they kindly gave us an exclusive on the future of their blog.  Today is the unveiling of their new blog name and a new direction for their blog.  Be sure to stop by Mousebreath to read The Blues Brothers, Bugsy and Knuckles.

Graphic by Zoolatry 

If you haven't heard yet about Zoolatry being Scroogled, you can read her post here. The Zoolatry Human has been sending out a weekly email on our interviews for quite a while, plus she sends out graphics and news of illnesses, losses, special events, etc. around the pet blogosphere, so we are a bit upset this has happened to her..  We are grateful she is so helpful to so many, including us.


  1. another grate interviews FFF and we bee sorree ta heer yur friends at zoolatry getted a lame bum crap azz burd kinda deel on ther emails :(

    hope everee one haza awesum week oh end !

  2. Oooooh, there mom does beautiful paintings. I will has to go reads da interview.


  3. I can't wait to read this interview - Knuckles and Bugsy are two of my favorite blogosphere kitties!

  4. That was a wonderful interview with those special boys! The Google humans must be stoopid or something.

  5. Hi FFF!

    We love those boys! And their HH is SO talented. She painted a portrait of Moosey for us. He has it up in his office at work. :)

    Off you go read your interview now...



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