Monday, March 11, 2013

Waiting for Breakfast

Cyndi, Micah and Rusty waiting for breakfast. What are they all staring at?  Why, Percy, of course. 

In case you haven't figured it out yet, Jan gets excited over the strangest things.  For example, this morning she got all excited because Micah showed up for breakfast.  Now the rest of us showed up too, but did Jan care?  Nooooooo!  She says we show up every chance we get, whether it's time to eat or not.  So what was so special about Micah?

Micah spent 4 1/2 months living in abject fear of Percy.  He hid everywhere - under the bed, under the desk, under the keyboard, etc.  He has only been wandering the house on his own for less than a month and every morning Jan had to take his food to wherever he was, even if he was curled up in a dishpan bed under the microwave or on a chair under the table. 

But today when the dishes started rattling, she found him sitting on the stool between the washer and dryer.  From there he climbed onto the dryer - even though Rusty was already sitting there - and turned his back to Rusty.  Wow!

And if that wasn't enough to get Jan's knees creaking with the urge to dance, Percy was sitting next to the fridge right across from Micah.  There is still an occasional squabble, but Micah and Percy seem to be adjusting to sharing the same space at last.  When it's cold, Micah lives in the kitchen (by choice).  If we have a warm day, he comes out and sleeps on the cat tower near the computer.

We are thrilled that all the Royals are safely home now.  Emily arrived in UT on Saturday.  Kevin of the Animal Shelter Volunteer blog drove the last transport leg last night and handed Marigold and Brutus to Laura who has started the Heaven Sent To Me blog for them.  It's also the new home of Iris and Maxie, as Lilly Lu's blog has closed since she left for the bridge.

They could still use some prayers, as Laura's landlady has become - shall we say, not so nice? - since Friday.

Don't miss Part I of the Royals' rescue story on Savannah's blog.  She will do the rest of the story over the next 3 Mondays.  


  1. What a day of wonderful news! PURRS. xx

  2. That is good news that Micah and Percy are getting on better. We are glad that the Royals have safely arrived in their new homes.

  3. way ta go micha !!! this bee grate mews N way happee de royals getted ta wear they knead ta bee safe lee :)

  4. That is terrific Micah! Oh no, not another idiot landlord!

  5. Sweet Micah!! Yay for finding your paw within your family group!! You are doing brilliantly! Slowly and surely you'll soon be part of Jan's wonderful gang!

    Thank you so much for posting Savannah's link - the story of angel QM and the power of the CB and social media never ceases to amaze me!! What a miracle for Emily, Brutus and Marigold!!

    We keep everything crossed for Laura and hope for an amicable result with her landlady! Take care

  6. Lots of good news today.. I can just imagine that your mum was so happy. Mum would be the same. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Way to go Micah! That's certainly a big reason to celebrate. :)

    What a treat and honor to drive the final leg of this weekend's transport. Laura was relieved and joyous ... now let's keep our paws crossed that her landlady learns how to be nice!

  8. It always makes the peeps PROUD when WE get along..

  9. Great news that Micah and Percy are getting along better !
    It´s pawsome and amazin that all The Royals have found new homes and have arrived safely :)

  10. Thanks for pointing us to Savvy blog. We wondered about all of the details knowing they had to massive. WOW even more than we could have imagined. WE are so glad that the Royals were all safely put into the arms of new families. WE always thought it was meant to be because of what Rose did for Beau and Cathy, now many people did that for Rose and her Royals. Just imagine. Isn't it amazing?

  11. I am truly THRILLED ypur baby came out and is integrated with the rest of his fursibs now! I kniw that is a relief all the way around.

    Now I PRAY that the landlady doesn't do like Ash and Travelers mommy's landlord and force them to give up their cats. That broke my heart in two.

  12. Good news! We are so glad to hear that Micah is comfortable about sharing space with Percy now - sometimes things just take time.


  13. Wonderful news! Thanks for the update on the Royals!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Good job where's the breakfast
    Benny & Lily

  15. Awesome news about Micah and Percy! And I am over the moon about the Royals!

  16. Can you see my smile ?
    All are good news, what a pawsome day !
    Hooray for Micah and Percy : )
    ad yep, with the Royals I'm so thrilled
    thanks for all updated

  17. Hooray for Micah! I hope he keeps right on being brave. I am so glad that all the Royals have new forever homes.

  18. Oh sweet Micah! We send him purrs.

    Thanks for your condolences. We miss Au terribly.


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