Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Merci and the Royals

Hey, Merci here.  Do I look cold to you?  I feel cold.  I'm so glad winter will soon be over.   The wind is really blowing today, but at least it isn't snowing, as it is in some areas.

Buddy asked me to tell you he's feeling much better that he was, even though he was stabbed ... uh, vaccinated Monday.  His skin is healing well.  He does have the occasional itch and scratch or chew, but nothing like what he was going through!   Buddy was even playing with a tennis ball the other night, something he hasn't done in 6 years. He was only two when Miss Mother (our name for Jan's mother) died but he grieved - and aged.

We love good news and this definitely qualifies!  We are so glad the Royals will soon be safe and headed to their new homes. 

You can read the update on them - CB Update on Emily, Brutus and Marigold.

We'd sure love to hear some news of how ML is doing and any progress on Rose's final arrangements.  She's had two falls so news is scarce.

And speaking of the Royals, this was posted by Dorian Wagner on Facebook.

UPDATE:  Sorry, we forgot to post this update yesterday. The last leg was filled when two drivers offered to drive an extra hour each.  Bless them for this generous gift to all the kitties riding the transport Sunday.  But drivers are always needed.  Sign up today, if you would like to participate.

Anybody know anyone around here? We need ONE little leg covered for an insanely fabulous kitty-saving transport this weekend -- that includes The Royals! ♥

**Savannah, GA to Manning, SC - Saturday, March 9 in the afternoon**

Please share far and wide! Ask them to fill out this form if they can so I see:


This is the link for the form to fill out -

They can always use a reliable transport driver and the Royals are very dear to the CB's heart.


  1. We in Grace's household are waiting impatiently to hear that Emily and Marigold and Brutus are safely in their new homes. We are VERY impatient!

    We have also been sending text messages to ML to see how she's doing and sending get well wishes ... no answer yet, but we won't give up! We also think Paula Gregg has the best chance of hearing from ML, so we keep looking for her posts on Fb.

    Magnificent work, everyone ... donations, prayers, purrs, more donations, plans, action, etc., etc.!!

    Grace & Company

  2. Hooray for both good news !
    Buddy I really do happy you feel so much better
    And Yay ! For the Royals !!!!
    Happy Dancing

  3. way happee stuffz werkin out for de royals N merci ya knead ta beef up on sum mackeral N friez, that'll keep ewe warm !!

  4. Awwwww sweet Merci!! Hope you get to cuddle up to Jan for extra warmth! Yay! We are so happy to read that Buddy is feeling better too!

    And we are extremely happy to read about Emily, Brutus and Marigold!! Yay to the power of the CB!!! Take care

  5. Nice to hear some good news.

    Thank you for your comforting words of sympathy about our Chica. we appreciate your friendship.

    cats of wildcat woods

  6. We are so glad to hear all the arrangements have worked out for the Royals. Just so happy that a home was available for the three of them.


  7. We love good news too. Unfortunately we are no where near that part of Sc to do the driving.

  8. We agree! Nice to hear some good news. Stay warm, Merci! :)

    P.S. If you are interested, stop by our blog for a chance to win some free autographed books!


  9. I hope your temps will be warmer soon!
    Glad to know Buddy is feeling better!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Good news about the Royals and Buddy. Now for sunshine and a warm weather!

  11. Oh Merci, we are sorry it is cold there! We like warmer temperatures, too, and hope we all get some soon.

    Great news about Buddy feeling so much better. We love that he felt so good that he played with the tennis ball! :)

    I think I read that we now have all of the drivers for this weekend's big transport! How's THAT for good news?

    Hugs to you all.


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