Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adoptions, Buddy and Opus

September 17 - 25 is Petfinder.com's Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week.

We hope you will open your heart to special needs pets.  Adopt the black dog or cat that is overlooked and often not adopted. Adopt the blind , the deaf, the disabled, the FIV positive, the old (even the elderly) or the much-maligned pit bull ...

They might be "different" but they can and will love and appreciate you as much as any other dog or cat would. Dare to think outside the box (doghouse or litterbox) and save a life.The pet you pick will be grateful for life!

Buddy is a feral cat that disappeared for 2 years but suddenly reappeared with a neck wound that Mr. Pip's mom wanted to get treated.  Unfortunately, when she trapped him and took him to the vet, she learned his wound was much worse than thought and Buddy's pain was gently ended.  Buddy was loved and his life mattered, so we made him a memorial badge.  You can read his story on Mr. Pip's blog.

If you posted one of the earlier invitations, please exchange it for this updated one.  The party will be held at Gracie's blog.


  1. That was very sad about handsome Buddy, but I know he felt the love, if only for a little while.

  2. Momy has leaky leaky eyes. She said if she were Queen and had a kazillion millin dollars she would set up refuges for all babies out in the open like that where they would be safe from harm.

    Fanks you so much for coming to see me and mommy, making our badge and loving me. Sending me comforts while I am in the hospital means the world to mom and me both.

  3. What a sad tale. At least Buddy is no longer in pain and has gone to a much sweeter place. :(

  4. Mum always said if she came into lots of money she would get very large premices and takee in all the animals she could that need loving and looking after. I so wish that would come true. That little one went to the bridge knowing that love was there. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Leaky eyes here too for Buddy :( But he is now happy and at peace.

    BTW I hope Opus can't read or party won't be a surprise!! lol

  6. Me and Charlie have just read about Buddy over at Pip's blog! How sad, poor angel Buddy! Purrs and hugs!

    Yay for Opus!!! How exciting!

    Take care

  7. Isn't it something that so many of us if we had funds available would use it to help those who are so disadvantaged? Mom has always wanted to help animals who are displaced because their pawrents become terminally ill or die. She feels such pain for those animals.
    We say our last purrs for Buddy, he was well loved and surrounded by a caring hand to help him on his final journey.

  8. Purring for Buddy - as he plays at the Rainbow bridge.

    Blessings to all of you - for keeping us informed.


  9. That's sad about Buddy...we're glad he got to experience some love in his life.

  10. Oh my word poor buddy
    Benny & Lily

  11. Yes, one of us needs to win the lottery. Thing is, we hear you have to buy a ticket to win. This may pose a problem.

  12. Such sad news about Buddy.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  13. So sorry for Buddy ... purrs, Rio from Barcelona

  14. Thanks for caring for Buddy. I am grateful for people like you in the world.

  15. We are all leaky eyes for Mr. Buddy. We so glad he had someone to love him. He knew where to come for the love even when he was hurt and afraid.

  16. We're sorry Buddy had to go to the Bridge, but we are glad he was so well-loved.


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