Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rusty Ponders Cats and Water

Hey, Rusty here.  I've been sitting here thinking ever since I watched today's video and I've come to a conclusion.

Who said all cats hate water?  Wasn't me or the other Funny Farmers.  Even though none of us want to get wet.

Enjoy these throwbacks to the feline species.

If the video doesn't play, click here.


  1. Oh my are they mad. I would run a mile rather than get in water but I hated that woman near the end trying to get the cat in the bucket and also that child about to throw in a cat and then falling in.There are quite a few water babies there though.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. Well, at least some of them like the water. We don't know if we would or not, we have never tried it.

    The grandkidlets loved the video - they made Mom play it at least four times.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. We got a big kick out of the cats that liked being in the water, but the Mom (I assume)letting the little boy dragging the cat and drop it into the pool (thank goodness cat got away) I wanted to drop her in the pool. Bad thing to teach her son.
    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  4. That video was hilarious! Thanks for sharing it. I didn't know kitties could swim!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  5. Oh so much water and so little cats...

    The cat soaking in the tub... dat's crazy... lol

    Katie Kat

  6. OMC Noooooooo dey is psyko! No water fer us either dats insane.


  7. Mee tinks dey were brainwashed.


  8. I love this video too, It's just wicked ! but Cute !!!!
    But I won't do it ever, you know it : )
    Have a great day

  9. Hermes and Hercules, Cats Who Went Before, used to take baths. Bubble baths. Weird. We three gingers NEVER take a bath if we can help it.

  10. That's hysterical! Rosie hates the water, but Sweet Pea didn't mind it too much. Me, I love it!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. That was funny! But didn't like the one or two rather thoughtless bits. Funny how cats can be so different! Austin will not go near water unless there something wriggling in it!

  12. cool kitties!! I fell in the fishpond once a long time ago, but it was not nice. I got very wet and sprayed the water all over the kitchen.

  13. Oh my goodness! I myself like to stay DRY and warm and cozy. I can't imagine being immersed in water! It amazes me that my house maid is always purposely jumping into that flow of water in the bathroom. Well, to each his own!

  14. Some breeds enjoy water better than others do! It probably varies completely from cat to cat :)

  15. Furrst off, we hated tha parts where the kitties were forced to go into water... that's just not nice.
    But a couple of the parts were really cute and funny.
    I almost go into tha big tub wif Mommy ML... almost. I's fallen in a couple of times, and I flew out.
    Mine three brofurs go in once she is out and tha water is going away. They slip and slide and act all silly. Just like brofurs do.
    Fanks fur tha laffs.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: Watch Truffle wif hers new water fountain... it's furry cute.

  16. Great video and if my eyes were not playing tricks on me I would say that there were a few in the movie that didn't care for the water though plenty of the furries did. Just loved the one laying in the water almost asleep. So cute.

  17. That is SO FUNNY! :D Great post! :D


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