Friday, September 30, 2011

Sam on Sheepdog Jack

Hey, Sam here with today's post.  It's going to be a quick one while Jan takes a short break from yelling at the monitor and threatening to beat up the Zazzle employee who came up with the dumb idea to make us reclassify everything in our store.

She's only finished two folders so far and the problem is that all the designs in them are -  not a dog and not a cat, but a dog AND a cat.  But there is no dog AND cat category, so she puts them in animals/pets and omits that dog or cat step and then finds that most are "dog" and a few are "cat."  She's hopping mad at this ridiculous waste of her time, so we're all in hiding till she stops for the day.

Enjoy the video on Jack the sheep who thinks he's a sheepdog.  Yep, he even herds his relatives like a dog.  We really enjoyed the video and think you will too.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

If you give your dog Milk Bone, you might want to check this "voluntary pull" of certain boxes due to mold.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I hear footsteps. Bye.


  1. Oh boy mom would be saying HBO words
    Benny & Lily

  2. Why do you have to reclassify your store? We went over to ours and it was okay--of course we only have to categories so that is helpful.

  3. im sorry about the stuff in your store - that sucks. I saw that video and it cracked me up on fbook. omd I didnt know about the milkbone recall we dont eat those.

  4. rut-ro
    That is NO fun that Jan had to do all that extra work. We send Jan some purrs to help ease her stress.

  5. Jack is very good at that job! I hope Jan's frustration goes away soon!

  6. We think all animals secretly want to be dogs.

  7. Yay for Jack and Jess!!! LOL - loved Jan's comment too! LOL!!!

    Me and Charlie wish Funny Farmers Jan lots of luck with sorting out the zazzle reclassification (bad zazzle!!!).

    Take care

  8. Oh dear I think you had better lie low for a while. But how awful they made your mum do all that work, so unfair.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. Mom wants dat sheep at our house..BOL

    Hope everyting gets fixed soon.
    Haves a nice weekend!


  10. "Dogs and Cats"? Who would combine them? Would a store offer both rawhide bones and Nip to the same pet?

    Besides, the proper expression is "Cats and Dogs". Not "Dogs and Cats".

    Cats always come first.

  11. I love Jack the wannabe dog!

    Sorry about the stupid officials who just want boxes ticked. It's a nightmare!

  12. What a cutie Jack is. Great little sheep sheepdoggie.
    Good luck with the Zazzle stuff. I think if the mom here had to deal with the Zazzle stuff as you she would be bald from pulling her hair out. Good luck.

  13. Can they really force you to do that? They should have told you from the start if there was something in the wrong category. How strange. :(

  14. I hope everything got resolved for Jan before she pulled the plug on her computer.

    Love the video of Jack...the sheep dog ;)


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