Monday, September 05, 2011

Cameron on Fun and Safety

Hey, Cameron here.  After our Saturday post on the internet and cats, Buddy, Merci & Sam said they are going to do a post on the internet and dogs. So never fear rumpydog, the dogs are on the internet too.

The dogs think they're going to help us with world domination. heheheHA!

For the fun part of this post, I have a cute leaf-diving dog video for you.  My woofie siblings could never play like this because Jan is too lazy to make them a play pile.  When she gets around to it, she makes a big pile on the curb.  Well, what fun would it be to dive in one end and come out in front of a moving vehicle?  Jan just has no sense of fun for furries.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

It's never inappropriate to have a reminder about Internet safety.  Cat Patches recently posted a good piece on having gmail or blogger hacked - no, not how to do it but how to avoid being hacked - and we'd like to share the information with you.  It's called Thought You'd Want to Know. If you haven't read it yet, take a minute to drop by. You might learn something helpful.

The link to "this article" in Patches' post is to Computerworld and an ad will open before you can read the article, but it's okay, you're not hijacked. :)

We're in drought here and are finally getting some rain. Our weather radio is beeping about a bad storm coming so we're trying to finish up here. Rain is expected for the rest of the week. This is both good news and bad. We need the rain. But will Jan's clunker run in this weather without leaving her stranded?

If not, I guess she can hike to Wal-mart or Petsense and carry our food home. We have to eat and she needs more exercise. What better exercise than carrying a 36 - 40 pound bag on one shoulder and a 16 - 20 pound bag on the other? Jan is soooo lucky! What would she do for exercise without us?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Jan finally updated our jff designs blog yesterday. I don't know why she's complaining about enough hours in the day.  But she added 5 posts on Halloween so visitors can get a better idea of what they look like.  She's going to do some more posts today, if the weather cooperates.  Just click on "Halloween" in the tag list in the left sidebar.  If you like them, tel your friends.


  1. Hey, I think that leaf diving looks like lots of fun!!!

  2. Thanks for the link to the other blog post on internet safety--it seems especially important lately!

    We think our mom's security question is pretty easy to guess (password's strong, though), but can't find how to change the question--we'll keep looking. We're sure it must be in the profile somewhere--to change that, but not change the password.

  3. I will be sure to go look at those getting hacked NOT tips. Fanks you. Oh and I am a soprano.

  4. MOL...I'm sure I wanna do that too : ) so much fun : )

  5. We liked that leaf-diving video ... it looks like fun! Thank you for the link to the Internet safety article ... so many bad people out there, it pays to be as safe as possible.

    We'll go over to JFF Designs later ... we bet the new Halloween designs are great. :)

    Good luck with the storm. Hope you get some much needed water, without any problems!

  6. Hi Jan, Thanks for the information you shared, and the cute video. Hope your weather cooperates for you and that you're having a nice Labor Day holiday.

  7. Dear Jan and the crew - thank you for coming by and remembering Timmy's Gotcha Day...that was very touching! We had forgotten it was today - but we never forget Timmy Tantrum! We will do a post in the next few days and let you know how we are all doing, we hope you are all well....lots of love xxx

  8. Yay for Jakes (I think that was the doggie's name!)! What a fun thing to do - so funny!!

    It's nice that rain is finally on its way but me and Charlie hope that it won't be nasty rain with lots of warnings! Oh dear!

    Please take care!


  9. Dat leaf diving looks kind of neat. I wonder if it'll work in palm tree branches?????

  10. it looks interesting, thanks for sharing this link. I love the videos of yours.

    Dog Fence | It's All About Pet Fences

  11. Ha ha ha! Dogs are SO silly. I would nefur want to jump in a pile like tha.....oh, wait--YES, I would! That looks like forty-six kinds of fun!

  12. Thanks for the info on hecking. SS is such a computer moron that we don't want anything to go funny. Especially now that she no longer has a boyfriend who is an IT wizard.

  13. My blog is still being worked on. Apparently five years of work on my bloglists has to be deleted! Thanks for letting me know it was happening. Huffle Mawson's bean Tracey is helping me. I have also cleaned my cache on line of all my passwords. Just in case.
    mama Carol

  14. YAY!!! Thanks for the dog video. I'll be over soon to join in the leaf-jumping fun! And thanks for linking to my blog. I may get to go back to daycare yet! woo woo!

  15. Love this video! Woofie is having too much fun. He just disappears into the pile!

    Hope you are well. I haven't been by lately so I popped over to say hello!


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