Friday, September 02, 2011

Momo, Labor of Love and Red Flags

Hey, Cyndi here. Jan is running in circles mumbling about being behind something or other (we know it isn't us because we're keeping out of her way) and needing to get the computer back to play catchup. We don't understand the rush. If she's just going to play a game, why can't we keep the computer?

Uh-oh, she's circling closer. Better hurry up and get this finished.

Today is "Granny" Momo's Birthday/Gotcha Day and she's having a weekend party at her place. She will make a donation to the Cat Protection Society for each visitor. So stop by and leave a comment to help the CPS.

Momo is at least 14 years old, so let's help her celebrate in style. Visit her at the Meow blog.

This is also Labor of Love for ML (of the Cat Blogosphere and Missy Blue Eyes' blog) weekend, so stop by and let her know you appreciate all she does.

There have been a number of blogs red flagged and blocked lately.  If you see Reported Attack Page, click on "Why was this page blocked?" in the red banner.  This will explain the problem.  Basically, one or more blogs were hacked and  distributing malware and any blog with a blogroll linked to the hacked blog also gets red flagged.  Deleting the link should solve the problem but a number of us have just deleted our blogrolls at least temporarily. 

After deleting the link, clear your cache (we would delete cookies too) and then go to your own blog as a visitor.  If the red flag is still there, you will need to go to your dashboard to webmaster tools and let Blogger know so they can check and clear the red flag. 

FYI, it's a whole lot easier to contact a blocked blog if other bloggers have your email address since your comments are blocked too.  We found a means to leave a comment on a red flagged blog without actually visiting there but received no response.  Folks can't let you know there's a problem if they can't contact you.  So pretend you're old and feeble and need let others know how to check on you in an emergency. 


  1. We were visiting the "malware" blogs anyway, because we figured they weren't really hacked...but it's always a chance, we think, to visit a red-flagged blog. Our mom deleted her blog roll on her personal site too, just in case (though that one's not been a far).

  2. This malware is too evil!!! :-(

    Hopefully it can be stopped and kicked out! Good luck everyone! Take care

  3. This was a learning experience for us, now we do all of our blog visiting in Chrome. WE also deleted our blog roll, it is unneccessary now because we do all of our visits from RSS feeders.

  4. We went by to see MoMo and ML too! That malware needs declawed!

  5. I've never seen a red flag on anything so, dummy me, I have no idea what it's all about. If I saw a red flag, I'd probably think "oh, that's cute"!

    Jan, I did fix the video on my blog per your instructions and it worked great (even though I had to take it all the way down to 405.) Thanks for your help.

    Amber's Mom

  6. I haven't yet come across this and hope I never do. will come back and get the instruction if I do. :sigh:

    Thanks for coming by to help me celebrate and advertising my party. Spring is coming and the CPS needs as much help as possible. We are clearing the house for possible donation to its Op Shop too.

  7. We checked our blog for malware..its safe. I think its just out there and appears whenever
    Benny & Lily

  8. We sure do understand about your hum-man muttering about the catching up game. Our Mumsy is hasing to do that big time now. If it's a game, then why she acting stressed? Maybe it's like the paintballs and you gets shot if you lose?
    Oh well...(((hugs))) everybody!


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