Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cameron on Cocoa, ML and Beau

Cameron here with a quick post. Jan thinks Cocoa the dog (puppy?) in this video is so adorable because she can entertain herself. So Buddy told her - he told Jan, not the puppy - if she wants my sibling woofies to entertain themselves, she should get us all a set of stairs to play on. and when she does, to not protest when she trips over our toys.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Graphic by Gracie.
The latest update from the Sherwood Bunch's Mom ML: The second round of antibiotics seems to be doing a good job on cat bite, a puncture wound from Missy “The Mouth” Blue Eyes. I’ve lost use of three fingers on my right hand, and there is nerve damage, but was told the nerves probably will grow back? If this treatment doesn’t work, I’ll need surgery on my hand. Yikes! Please keep sending purrs & purrayers. ~Mom ML

We have some non-CB members who read our blog so we're posting this for Cathy's gentleman blogging cat Beau.  Cathy recently passed away and Beau is in need of a new home, hopefully with one who blogs or will start a blog so we can all keep up with how he is doing. Contact information is posted on The Sherwood's blog.


  1. That is a cute video. We are purring for ML's hand to heal well, and for handsome Beau to get a loving new home.

  2. That video sure is cute. So, when are you guys getting some new stairs? LOL.

    We are purring and praying for ML's hand, and for Beau to find a new forever home.

  3. That video puppy is so cute. Kind of tugs at your heartstrings

  4. Yep - stairs can be so much fun! We have six flights of em here! Good exercise too!

  5. Hello there Cameron!

    Awwww that sweet puppy entertaining himself was just so adorable!! Awwwww!!! What a clever cutie!!

    Me and Charlie are purring for ML!

    And Gentleman Beau! Awww I thought Cathy's sister was taking him in? Oh dear! Poor Beau! Just back reading Sherwood's blog. Awwww me and Charlie hope Beau finds a good home! Poor boy!! :-(

    Take care

  6. Ha..Ha..Ha..That's so cute !!!and great exercise : )
    Thanks to bring smile

  7. We are purring for ML and hoping these antibiotics do the trick for her.
    Worried now about Beau.
    After all he has been through and now this....
    Oh we just saw the Caro's blog has malware. Do you know how to contact her by any chance? We don't have an email address and we are sure she has no idea.

  8. Sending lots of crossed paws for ML. Luv dat doggie, Coco. Why didn't mee tink of dat!

  9. Mom used to have a woofie that played fetch by herself with the pool. She'd drop her ball in one side of the pool and wait for the wind to blow it to the other side where she'd get it out.

    We are purring for Mommy ML and Beau.

    Cody and Gracie

  10. Thanks for the update on ML and Beau. Purring that all works out for the best for the two of them.
    Loved the video. Those doggies sure are clever ones.

  11. hope that hand gets all better...like that video
    Benny & Lily

  12. Oh , I wondew if I could get soe staiws in m apawtment, that looks like so much fun..have you evew seen an episode of Poiwot called "silent witness"? in thewe thewe is a fox tewwiew named BOB who thwows the ball down the staiws and then waces to get down and catches the ball befowe it hits the gwound..soopew! I am pwaying and cwossing paws fow Ml and I'm so sad fow Beau..I hope so hawd that he finds a fuwwevew home..it's twagic that he lost his sweet Mom
    smoochie kisses

  13. Mom says the video is so cute. She also says we cats should do the same. Well.............get us some stairs. Mom says yeah right, you would probably just lay on one a nap. Well........isn't that what cats do????


  14. We are PURRing for ML and Beau ... and sending love.

  15. sending lots of purrs for ML and Beau. Rio from Barcelona

  16. That Cocoa is a clever little woofie!

    We are purrin fer Mom ML and for Beau...

  17. YAY!!! Dog video! I am woo woo woo'ing for ML to heal and for Beau.


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