Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buddy Intros Dog and Ginger

 Hey, Buddy here.  We just had a t-storm pass through.  We don't like lightning but we did need the rain.  I just came out from where I was hiding  uh, napping under the desk to do today's post.

We have another fun video for you today.   A goggle-wearing, motorcycle riding dog named Dog.  His human friend traded a beer for him.  Guess who got the best of that deal?  Yep!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We'd like to mention 2 things we've read about lately but can't remember where to find the info. We'll just recap them for you.

1) We hope you are not storing your blog photos or personal photos in Picasa without having a backup copy elsewhere, either on your computer, on CDs or DVDs, or on a separate drive. If something goes wrong or if your gmail or google blog is closed, your photos will go with them. And even if your account is reinstated by you or google, you might not get your photos back.

(The same goes for gmail. We can remember about 3 or 4 years or so ago when Jan opened a gmail account and a blog for the local Humane Society. When she tried to send the officers the new email address, she found the new account had already been flagged for "suspicious activity." She was dumbfounded. There hadn't been any activity yet, except for a couple of test emails to herself to make sure the account was set up correctly. It turned out there had been a glitch and all new accounts were locked as "suspicious." It took Google a couple of days or so to take the lock off the account.)

Mistakes do happen. So please don't depend solely on Picasa to store your photos.

2) Sooner or later Blogger is going to end support of the old HTML templates and there are still a number of Blogger blogs using them. The new templates are so much easier to work with and to make changes to. We like the new ones because we're not techies but we can create our own background and change the look of our blogs at whim. So if you haven't updated your template since opening your blog a few years ago, we suggest you go to the Design page, click on Template Designer, and check out the new system. don't wait till the last minute and end up in a panic.

3) UPDATE: Okay, better make that 3 things.  Ayla, Iza & Marley just left a comment reminding us before long Blogger will be switching everyone to the new interface.  And we still haven't figured out how to maneuver around that  so we keep reverting to the old one.   We do need to remember to check it out occasionally so we can let Blogger know what we do or don't like, what does or doesn't work about it.

Well, how about this. Zoolatry just sent out this graphic this morning for poor Ginger and just now we discovered her problem has been resolved. But she could still use purrs and wags that this doesn't recur. Ginger is from the Cory Cat blog.


  1. It looks a little scary but it is so sweet. I hope well intentioned people leave them alone.

  2. Our blog is in "Compose" mode. Is that the safe one? Have you tried the new blogger interface?

  3. Good advise Jan!
    As nice as all the options are on Blogger it is true that things can get in a mess in a hurry. You are right about having a second (or third) Back up to Picasa.
    Great video.

  4. I love that woofie video! That really is good news about Ginger, I hadn't heard. Y'all have a great day!!!

  5. Good advice is right. Also sending some good vibes for Ginger
    Benny & Lily

  6. LOVED Dog the bike riding doggie and his human! LOL! Brilliant - such a good good clever talented doggy! Yay!!

    Yay that you had some rains!! Awwww of course you were napping throughout the storms lovely Buddy! Yay for you!

    I have absolutely no problems with the new design blogger except for ONE THING! And so far no-one knows how to solve it and I've had another blogger user with the same problem.

    The new blogger does not schedule my posts. For some reason no matter what date and/or time I pick to publish my blogposts, the new blogger just publishes it. It's most unhelpful as I need to write my posts a day in advance.

    Awwww purrs and hugs to gorgeous Ginger! Take care

  7. I get baffled I am afraid as to which I use but I do keep back ups of photo's on disc and a hard drive so thats one thing I get right lol. I am glad that Ginger is doing ok. Hope there are no scary storms for you.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Thanks for the info! I don't know much about this stuff so will have to try and figure it out....

  9. Very good information. Honestly.....I'm terrified of the new interface. Maybe we'll set up a temporary "nothing" blog just to see if it works for us.

  10. I love the motorcycle dog! I know who got the best of that deal!

    Thanks for the Picasa advice. We are terrified of wildfire here so I tend to immediately upload my favorite pics to Picasa so that they are stored someplace remotely. Now I know that I'd better find another solution. Thanks.

  11. Somebody get that Dog a leather jacket!

  12. Yikes, a t-storm...I never want to experience one of those ever again.

    I've never used Picasa, but I agree, it's a good idea to have a back-up of everything you store on your PC AND on the web.

  13. I have never used Picasa either.
    Jan, I wanted to ask you something. On the latest auction, a girl made a bid whose name is Lisa Violet and she has an orange cat. I am trying to get in contact with her and just wondered if you by any chance know who she is. I have left her a comment on her blog but no response.
    Hope all is well with you.


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