Thursday, September 01, 2011

SUV in the Lake Update

Hey, Sam, Merci & Buddy here with an update on yesterday's post on the SUV in the lake. If you missed it, you can read it here.

When we were down that way at 8 pm last night, there was still a crowd of police and rescue workers. A boat was slowly going back and forth in the area where the SUV was found. They had used a grappling hook, sonar and cadaver dogs and trained crews and equipment from another county.

Jan learned this morning the body had been found late last night but she wanted to wait until she was sure it had been announced before posting on it. You can read the radio news report here. A positive identification has not been made yet.

One thing we do want to make clear is this was not an accident.  It was not a case of someone missing a curve or losing control of a car.  We've never walked over to the area where he entered the property, (it would be quite a walk), but we assume he trespassed via a service road before crashing the SUV through the fence, driving across a field, down a hill and into the water.

We have had some comments and questions that lead us to believe some might have misunderstood. Jan did not call the police to report what she thought she saw but couldn't have seen. She emailed the chief of police the next morning after listening to the news report on the radio.

In answer to Karla's question about possible nightmares, thankfully Jan's mental and emotional health hasn't been affected. She regrets that she didn't call someone but at the time not calling was a rational decision. You don't call the police to report an optical illusion. It wasn't like we saw an entire SUV floating on the lake. It was just a lopsided V of the back of the roof and top of the back of the SUV sticking out of the water. And then it was gone without even a ripple. So it evidently went under while we were crossing the street.

And the city workers who found the damaged fence assumed it was vandalized, so they didn't realize anything until they saw debris from the vehicle floating in our drinking water. (Yes, that's where our drinking water was coming from. The city had to switch us to another source.) 

Since Jan is the type of human who is easily excited, she is very surprised she has been calm and at peace from the first. Any other time, she would have been trying to chase down someone with a cell phone or flagged down the police car that passed us on the corner. We believe the man was already dead by the time we started down the hill or she would have felt a sense of urgency.

Our thoughts and Jan's prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased. They will always carry the pain of losing their loved one and likely never know why he did this.

Please, if you are angry or depressed, don't hold it inside, as many humans are prone to do. Talk to someone. Say a prayer. Read a good book. Go for a walk. But don't go driving until you've calmed down. What one human does can affect a lot of other lives.


  1. It is sad that people think that suicide is the only answer. We will be purrin for his family....

  2. This is furry sad.
    It's too bad this purrson couldn't haf talked to someone.
    Stuff is never that bad!
    Iffen there's no one to talk to, talk to your cat or woofie!
    Love & Purrs,

  3. So scary. Poor lady
    Benny & Lily

  4. That really is awful and sad. You just never know what others are going through.

  5. Very sad, but good advice!

  6. Wow. We dont want Jan to feel bad. She didn't know what she saw, and if she HAD called it in, it may not have changed the end situation. But we are still sending purrs that she stays strong.

    :[ We are sorry their was a body found.. we were sad to hear that. I guess we thought MAYBE he could have escaped and ran away.

    Give her lots of purrs and snuggles today guys!!

    Sage and Fizz

  7. Gosh how awful. Makes you think. Wonder what went so wrong with someone's life to do this? Kind of profound really. Hope you are okay. I don't think your reaction would make any difference to the situation. They wanted to die.

  8. This is so sad, but there was nothing you could have done. It is to bad the person didn't seek help instead of doing something stupid, but it was their choice. We would have thought it was an optical illusion too. After all our Mommy is prone to seeing things, like a T-rex in our backyard.

  9. Oh how sad! :-( And so lonely. What this poor soul must have been going through to do this. Very very sad.

    My deepest heartfelt sympathies to the person's family.

    Hugs to Jan and all you wonderful funny farmers!! Take care

  10. As someone who has thought about suicide many, many times, it's more that you don't want to live as you are, not that you want to die. At least that has been my experience. And that you don't see any way out other than that. You're irrational, your brain chemistry is screwed up and you need help.

    Sadly, many people fall through the cracks because of the stigma of mental illness.

    And for the record, it's not something I'd ever really have done, I don't think--I'm not big into pain or drama and at heart I'm a coward about death.

  11. Any person who is not afflicted with a deep depression knows that whatever life throws your way will change. Nothing stays bad, nothing stays good. It comes and it goes. It's so sad for the family left behind who has to face the results and go on with life who will be forever haunted by this act of desperation. It is heartbreaking on so many levels.

  12. Very sorry to hear this news. It's possible the driver may have had a heart attack and just lost control (maybe). Or it was his way out of a bad situation. No matter, it's still very sad.

  13. Oh my. We've all seen "optical illusions" like yours so I understand why you didn't call anyone based on an apparition. It's very sad but I'm glad that you're not feeling angst about it.

  14. Oh wow... that's heart breaking. Glad you and your crew are ok.

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  15. We unnerstand the Bein wanted ta end his life for some reason. Thats sad. But mebbe he needed a cat or two in his life an dint have anny...

  16. This is sad. We purr and pray for his/her family and loved ones. as you said, the action of one person affects many others.

  17. Cripes Jan and FFs! What a disconcerting thing to have happened to you. Such a sad outcome too. We send purrs to you and also to the family of the person who died.

    Gerry & Oliver

  18. Please give Jan lots of cuddles from me, this can't be an easy time for you guys.

  19. That is so sad. Suicide is the worst simply because of what it does to the person's family. That really is too bad. We are sorry that you had to see all that since it probably made you really sad too. Try to have a good day.

  20. sad when people become so desperate with their life. Sympath yo his family.

    Jan we are sending extra big nose pokes and airezen to help you through your experience.

    Have a good weekend
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  21. OMGosh-- prayers go out to the family, Jan u did ok-- not to worry--I understand that could be hard-- but you did right-

  22. It's always so sad when what should be private becomes so very public -

    Thanks for sharing this one -

    Khyra's Mom

  23. We so sad here. That poor man. We purr he finding peace now, and we purr for him's family.


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