Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hammock, Litter and Flea Products

Tamar of has cats of her own and volunteers with Wilmington, NC. "The Cat Adoption Team (C.A.T.) is a non-profit, state licensed no kill cat rescue organization, dedicated to finding homes for cats & kittens and to educating the public in reducing the cat over-population through spaying and neutering.

Tamar's cat hammock, which she sees as a means to fundraising for cats, is among the 6 finalists in a design contest. Voting runs Sept 29 through Fri, Oct 1. You only need to vote once.

Cat Hammock for Apartment Therapy from Tamar G on Vimeo.

If the video doesn't play -- and to read more about this cat hammock -- click here.

To vote, go here, scroll down to  "Vote for your favorite," ( We tried to get an answer from Tamar as to why the voting area is grayed out so we can't vote, but after Khyra ran into the same problem, she discovered you have to register in order to vote. If they want you to sign up to vote, they should say sign up to vote, not register to "take survey." Very poor voting site directions, if you ask us.)

We hope you will take a moment to go vote for Tamar's cat hammock and help C.A.T. win $100.

We had a couple of emails asking if a vote was counted because nothing happened when a shelter was picked at the World's Best Cat Litter voting site.  We couldn't answer the question because we'd already voted that day but we checked today and what happens is -

We clicked on the white circle to the upper left of the shelter we wanted to vote for and our vote went through. The page changed to the message, "Come back tomorrow to vote again."   If this doesn't happen, it must be your browser settings.

Cats and Dogs Naturally has a good article on how to tell counterfeit flea products.  This is especially useful information if you shop online.


  1. We voted! those are SUPER! Mom put it under "Shannicat"

  2. That looks very, very interesting!

  3. Now we wonder if our vote was counted. We will go try again. Thanks for the info

  4. We tried to vote but only khould enkhounter gray'ed out links as well -

    It was a furry khool design and reason fur the design!


  5. We think you have to register to vote - they just phrased it funny by calling it a survey not a voting thing (we registered, because we looked around and there was some cool looking design stuff). And wow, we had no idea there was any such thing as counterfeit flea products - we don't use them but are going to read them in case it ever comes up (when we got Virgil he had fleas, because he was found outside, so until they were gone the big cats had to use it - so it could happen again). Thanks for the info!

  6. Yay!! Me and Charlie managed to figure out how to register - we got very upset at some of the comments under this wonderful design so that made us more determined to vote for Ms. Tamar!!! GOOD LUCK to her!!!! We think it's a very practical piece of therapy furniture beautifully designed!

    Take care

  7. Thanks - we had trouble voting and thanks for linking up with our flea product article.

  8. Huh, that was weird - we voted but a very strange way of voting - we couldn't have done it without your instructions (or to be more accurate, we probably wouldn't have voted without your instructions, they were very helpful)

    Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts for Inigo. We really think he felt them all. :)

  9. We voted!! Even if the directions were a little confusing. We think that hammock is awesome!


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