Monday, September 07, 2009

Hams in Space & Ludo's Contest

Day 5 of the Hams of the World Tour. We are now Hams in Space.

There has been a change of plans, due to Skittles' mom being sick. So we are off to London by alternate transportation.

Buddy: I get to drive, I get to drive, I get to drive, I get to .. uh, co-pilot. Well, that's okay. I get to do something. Maybe Daisy will let me take the controls for a while?

Crystal: Buddy gets to drive, Buddy gets to drive, Buddy gets to stop complaining about driving. Just hope Daisy keeps a good eye on him so he doesn't whap the wrong control with his big paws.

Buddy: We hope Skittles mom gets well real quick. Do you think we should drop off some ham tea on our way to London?

Crystal: Sorry. You have no clue what we're babbling about, do you? Visit Sammy, Miles & Bill Meezer (but don't forget to come back) to read the latest on our adventure.

On another note, we need to find Jan's missing memory ASAP!

Jan was visiting Ludwig von Doggy (Ludo) and looking at the photos in his not doing a trick (as opposed to doing a trick) contest when she saw a dog that looks EXACTLY like our Sam. Then she noticed it was lying on Sam's winter bed. THEN she looked up at the name. It IS our Sam. She had forgotten all about this contest (actually, we had too), figuring it was all over and we'd lost. But we were all wrong. It's time to vote now.

Stop by Ludo's (link is above) and check out the entries. And maybe you'll vote for #17 Sam. The voting box is in the sidebar. Good luck to all the contestants.

And if you would like to vote for Merci in the cutest dog contest, this is her direct link.


  1. WE voted. for both! Now we got to get Mom to update our blog!

  2. We're off to vote for Merci! Good luck in Ludo's non-trick contest! Storm is in it, too!
    Play bows,

  3. I luv you transportation. Where can I get one? Purrs xoxo

  4. They'll never find me in outer space...

  5. I'l vote for you.. If you get chance to do a detour on you journey to London, come by Yorkshire..

    Hugs GJ xx

  6. what a fun post!!!!!!!

    i wanted to thank you so much for posting our badge on your sidebar today. thank you!!!

  7. My Mom's memory is missing too!!! Hmmmm.

  8. Going to vote for Sam now, already voted for Merci today. ~S,S,C & F

  9. Hello Jan! Ahh lots of fun stuff is going on here...

    Thank you so much for your barkday wishes to me Momo! :)

    We're off to vote!

    Momo & Pinot

  10. So nice to be able to breathe again AND not have to feel the khrunch khrunch khrunch on my paws!


  11. We voted for Merci's cuteness and voted for Sam's picture of him not doing a trick. He makes not doing a trick look absolutely effortless.

  12. Have fun in London. And good luck in Ludo's contest. Off to vote for Merci.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  13. We didn't know there were Hams in space! How cool!

    How funny that you forgot you had entered the contest! We'll rush off right now to vote!

  14. We're going to vote for Merci!

    Where do you think your mom's memory went?

  15. I bet Daisy is a task master on that ship.

  16. HAM.....I love ham...yummy!



  17. This has been a great tour.I'm off to vote for Merci :)


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