Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ham Tour, Last Day

Buddy: We're kind of sad to see this Hams of the World Tour end. It has been so delicious .. and so much fun. And I got to drive -- uh, fly -- I was a co-pilot. Oh, what fun to actually fly. Thanks, Daisy, for letting me have a turn.

Crystal: Hey, guys, who took Buddy's suitcase of ham out of the fridge? I think this is the smell Khyra is complaining about. Peeeeeeee-u! Someone toss this out the window before we all pass out. Noooo, not in the open bed truck we're passing. Aim at a garbage can. Surely there's one along the road! What do you mean, there are posted signs warning, No stinking!

Buddy: Anyone have a doggy bag we can collect new ham in for the Funny Farm?

Crystal: Yeah, we promised we'd bring some home for them.

Buddy: We're not sure where we're going today. Either to MrsSkittlesMom's or if she is still sick, then we're going to the Meezer's for our last pork pigout. Burrrp. Sorry, I think I need a little yogurt on my next slice of ham.

Be sure to visit Sammy, Miles & Billy Meezer's for the latest photos and news.

And if you can spare a moment, perhaps you will vote for Merci in the cutest dog contest. You can vote once a day for her. http://www.cutestdogcompetition.com/vote.cfm?h=194291465301F78C17ECD3F5BA4AB250

PS -Sam is feeling kind of lonely over at Ludo's contest. The voting list is in the sidebar. You can only vote once for him. Sam is # 17.


  1. I am loving the ham tour--it keeps the feds on their toes.

  2. Buddy, you were a very excellent driver!

  3. Oh boy you guys are 2 funny. ~S,S,C & F

  4. Just be sure not to eat that ham, we don't need more sickies.

    woos, the OP Pack

  5. hey guys - we gotted LOTS of extra hams for you. And our the mom says that she is really really mad at herself for your pakage STILL being in her car - she has not had the chance to take it to the post office - something about grampie sucking up all of her spare time. BUT, she WILL get it out THURSDAY when she is home or we will kick her till she's dead. or maybe just until she bruises.

  6. And once again the voting has messed me up. I was allowed one vote for Sam, not one a day. I can see the reults page and can vote for 24-30, I can change my vote, but can not vote today for Sam.

  7. Sorry the ham has to go.. It is really cute.. We will vote right away..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  8. Don't you think we should go to Italy on the Hams of the Werld Tour? They've got prosciutto over there, a very thin, tasty ham. I vote for Miss Merci every day-when I can get through, that is.

  9. We are so happy that you all had so much fun!!!!!!
    Smart to remember to bring some ham home too ;) heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  10. It's good to have you home.

  11. Maybe you should go on a Spam tour next!

  12. Nope, no ham! Grill roasted beefs, bratwurst and chick-hen.

  13. The Ham Tour was pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Hey you guy, Its me Genghis, Ive come to visit you. Ummmm Read your talk about ham and though I love ham I'm not sure - but that alternative ride must have been on a space craft of some sort - you didn't let them probe you did you? Time warps are a real mess to deal with. I don't think Pellie and Sir Knight will be able to deliver the garage if you bought cuz its much too big for our truck.(Please don't buy it - I like it and hope and pray it doesn't sell.)


  15. oh Hello! I am new to your Blog and your Ham Tour, but it sounds and possibly tastes as good as it looks, hopefully!

    Thank you for your support on my blog, I am most happy you are on my side. I will go and vote for Sam too in a momento!

    love and many licks from Marvin xxxxxx

  16. Sounds as though you had the best time on that tour.. All that ham.. yum yum..

    Hugs GJ x

  17. Wow you guys sure have been busy.

    We are remembering all our US friends today. FAZ


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