Friday, September 04, 2009

Buddy's Allergies

Does anyone know a discount pet supply place that sells Dr. Goodpet products -- AND will take paypal without a hassle? I put money in PP so I could make this purchase and they won't let me unless I give them a credit card # to verify my address. There is more than enough money in myaccount so I can BUY something and not only does it tell me I have to give a cc # to verify my address, but that I don't have enough in my PP account to cover it. Bull!

I have waited 5 days for PP to transfer funds into my account so I can buy something for Buddy's allergic itching. It finally went thru this morning and I have tried ALL afternoon to purchase from VitaminLife because they have discounted products and specify they take PP.


Sending a check will add an extra week to Buddy's misery. Please, does anyone know where I can make a Dr. Goodpet discount purchase through PP ASAP?



  1. I wish I could help you, but I'm having the same trouble getting companies to accept paypal even though I have way more than enough for the purchases. And Paypal won't get back to me to help.

  2. Hello my dear friends! Thank you for popping by and seeing us and leaving such a sweet message! It is actually Timmy's 1st Gotcha Day on Sat 5th...and your message has prompted Meowmie to write a little update about us thank you :)

    Love to you all - we hope all is well xxx

  3. I found paypal extremely irritating the one time I tried to use it. I think I wound up using the credit card because it was easier.

    Hope you are able to get something for Buddy's allergies soon.

  4. My mom uses PayPal all of the time, but she's never done without using a card number. Good luck finding a company that will work with this.

  5. I'm so sowwy,but I don't know how
    good luck I want Buddy not to be misewable FAST!
    smoochie kisses

  6. We hope you find a solution soon!

  7. Sorry, Jan. We are not familiar with Dr. Goodpet at all.

    Mom uses PayPal all the time, for personal and business use. It is a bit of a hassle setting it up in the beginning, but once it is up and running it is so easy.

  8. Oh, sorry we can't help! Poor Buddy!

    I've only just joined PayPal myself and it also insisted that I register my credit card to do I just submitted in the end. Haven't bought anything through it online yet so can't comment but have successfully managed to receive money from overseas and send it overseas too.

    Good luck - hope you find a solution soon!


  9. I is purring for Buddy! But I is not knowing how to use paypal or credit cards or things like that since mine Mummy never gives me any green papers to use.


  10. Have you tried Amazon dot com? They have some Dr Goodpet stuff there but I am not sure what you are using to tell you if they have the exact thing. Paypal is good and really does not give your cc# out once you register it with them. Ive had a pp account for almost 10 years now, with no issues. =)

    Mom Laure

  11. w00fs, that is not fair they wont co operate...does 1-800 meds not have that, me will look to c if ebay or amazon does...

    b safe,

  12. just looked amazon has some of dr goodpet meds...



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