Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carrol Crocker...Urgent Need

You might remember Carrol Crocker's dogs. Carrol is not a hoarder. She was the unofficial county "shelter" for a long while. We posted about her a number of times this last year. Most of the dogs were taken in by rescues or fostered or adopted into a new home. But there are 8 left and the judge declared Carrol can only have 3 dogs on her property. The rest of the county and the neighbors can have as many as they want, though. Things have been peaceful for a while, but the neighbors are causing problems again.

These 8 dogs need a home or somewhere where they can be safe until they are adopted. But for them to stay on Carrol's property is a death sentence. There is no shelter there, so we are talking about a non-humane means of death.

So, please, if you can possibly take in one or more of these dogs, the time to step up is now! They must be moved IMMEDIATELY, if not yesterday.

We are posting this as it was received in an email from the rescuer overseeing the adoptions. And we're hoping these shy, sweet dogs have a chance at a loving forever home.

NOT ONE OFFER HAS COME IN TO HELP TAKE ANY OF THE REMAINING 8 DOGS ! These dogs are wonderful and deserve a chance at life. Please help!

FINAL COUNTDOWN HAS BEGONE - we knew this day would come

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Rainsville, AL - Carol Crocker's farm

The police came to do a "head count" of the dogs on Carol's property. As you may recall, Carol went to court with her neighbors and the local Judge rules that she could only have 3 dogs on her 4 acre farm!

Carol held off the police and called for help. We have been biding our time with those dogs still up there and watching as the neighbors stalked her property line and took notes on all movements at her house.

We have been working on this since October of last year ('08) and we placed over 100 dogs but these poor babies have never had a chance at a real life!

There are ONLY 8 dogs at the farm that need to be placed !

To see pictures and new descriptions of each dog please go to

If you have specific questions about each dogs temperament or the situation needed for them please contact me directly.

Movement of all dogs from Carol's still goes through me so
contact Morgan at
if you can take a dog or any any questions


Morgan Chadwick


  1. It is very sad that they keep hounding this woman.

  2. Why did they put a limit on her and not on others. Did she really have that many dogs? It is very sad that she has to face this.

  3. Good luck - this is a sad predicament and we hope you find good homes for the dogs. FAZ

  4. Oh god I hate hearing stories like this and not being able to help. I would take all of those dogs if I had a big enough place and lived closer, I dont suppose a donation would help...???


  5. We are very sad to read your post - all those dogs - we do hope you can find homes - wish we could help!
    We came by to say we have just visited Marvin's blog and share your concern about his mental health!!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  6. Trying to raise awareness of the cause! Hope that everything works out ok, thank you for keeping us posted.

  7. We was purrin dat dey go in a furever home.

  8. OH OH OH The mom jus gots an idea! Has sum bean tried to call Rescue Ink? Dey is da bestests fer help if dey can!

  9. We do hope the doggies find homes...

  10. Something is not right there!
    Paws crossed for them!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Prayers and purrs that all those doggies find homes.

  12. They did that to the GSP rescue woman out here earlier this year. I hope the pups all find homes.

  13. We linked to your post so hopefully someone who can help will see.

    We loved the U-tube video of Merci. It's easy to see what a difference Jan made in Merci's life and it great to read about how Merci rescued her cats. We are going to vote for Merci..... ~S,S,C & F


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