Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ham Tour, Day 4

Crystal: We are on our way to Texas to eat pulled pork sammiches at Angus Mohr's.

Buddy: Can't wait! Sure hope he hasn't forgotten we're coming.

Crystal: Uh-oh. There might be a problem. You better check out Angus' blog post today.

Buddy: We understand some of the motorists behind the Weinermobile have complained we've been tossing out clumps from the litter boxes. But as we have stated before, they are flying out the windows on their own when Sammy takes the corners at eleventy seven miles an hour. Eric drove yesterday (Oops, it was Flynn), but he's been taking lessons from Sammy, so ... enough said. I still think they should let me drive. I can fly too. AND I can see over the steering wheel.

And stop by Sammy, Miles & Billy Sweetfeet Meezers' for the latest news and photos and to order your tour toys. You don't need to be on the tour to purchase. The money will go to good causes. They don't seem to have the toy info on today's post, but you can find it on Day 1 through Day 3 posts.

And if you haven't signed the petition yet, just click on the Re-pot Huffle Mawson graphic at the top of our sidebar. She would really appreciate your help to get a new Parsley Pot from her mom.

We didn't bother to remind folks to vote for Merci last week. So many of her voters dropped out because of the frustrations encountered when trying to vote and/or the change in their policy to have to register your email address. We realize some might not want to give out their email address, but having to sign in should (supposedly) help cut down on cheating. But since she is still entered and today begins a new voting week (all points back to zero), we're going to start reminding you again. At least now you are returned to Merci's entry when you sign in.

So if you'd like to vote for Merci, we'd appreciate it.


  1. Ah I love ham... I love ham... I hope there isn't a problem with the ham...

  2. All went well as we registered and voted. We have an alternate email that we always give when we don't know if it will be used for spamming and we used that one.

  3. Mmm..... pulled pork!
    We'll go vote again. We've been using mom's work address. Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,
    PS: I DO like kit-cats! And they like me. All the neighborhood kits come running to me when I'm out by myself (well...with Mom) now. It's pretty cool.

  4. I'l vote no probs. I will use another mail address..

    Hugs GJ x

  5. We voted for Merci today and we will for the rest of this week. ~S,S,C & F

    PS: I am not sure why Mommy didn't send me and my purse on the tour. I am sure I could have collected a ton of ham. ~Scylla

  6. I was able to vote with no problem!

  7. But the Hams OK, right? Akshully, we would not mind a little bit of chicken and some whipped cream. Just saying.

  8. It was me who drove yesterday. Eric couldn't get his tummy behind the wheel. I thought I did all right once I remembered to stay on the right side of the road and I only got lost twice.
    We will go and vote for Merci.

  9. I vote fur more pulled pork!

    PeeEssWoo: And Merci!

  10. Mom deserted us so we have not been able to post about all the tour fun. We may have to keep her up all night so she can catch up!

  11. Oh.. you lost me at the mention of pulled pork. My brain went into quivers and could not read any more.. I can smell it too. Well go to register and vote 4 merci.

  12. Oh, we are so full of ham...and Sammy's driving is making us queasy...burp!!!

  13. We think the world ham tour sounds pawsome. We suggest you take it easy though. You don't want to make a pig of yourself. BOL.

    Take it easy on the corners. Woof.


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