Monday, January 09, 2017

Long Distance Internet Epidemic

Percy: This is Rusty.  He's a bit daffy.

Rusty:  I am not daffy.

Percy:  Than why were you licking water off the windows this morning?  By the time Jan grabbed the camera, you were making biscuits in your bed.

Rusty:  It was freezing cold outside.  It was somewhat warmer inside.  Therefore, there was water on the windows in front of the desk.  The window was closer than the water bowl in the kitchen.

Percy:  As I said, Rusty is a bit daffy, but that does make sense. 

Merci:  We've been absent quite a bit this week.  First the t-storm on Monday, then our internet went out Wednesday afternoon till Thursday morning.

Cyndi:  And then our internet went out again from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning.  Mr. Doug's internet went out too.  There was an epidemic.

Merci:  An epidemic is an outbreak of disease.

Cyndi:  Well, there were a lot of humans breaking out in dis-ease over the lack of internet! 

Percy:  And worse.

Rusty:  What could be worse?

Percy:  There was no long distance service either.  Local only.  Landlines and cell phones.  Not that we have a cell. 

Merci:  It's been strange around here this past week and it hasn't just been our phone / DSL provider having problems.  Our internet came back on yesterday morning but Mr. Don from Jan's church lost his until the afternoon. 

Cyndi:  So if we disappear again, we hope we will be able to return before spring.  Or tomorrow.  Whichever comes first.

Rusty:  Tomorrow will come first.

Cyndi:   But when Jan called support, she was told this might persist intermittently until the problem is fixed, so if the problem returns, spring might arrive sooner than tomorrow.

Percy:  This confusion is giving me a headache.  Why can't we just say we'll be here unless we aren't?

Merci:  You just said that.

Percy:  Good.  My brain needs a nap. 

Cyndi:  There's a rivulet of water running down the bottom right window pane if you're still thirsty, Rusty.


  1. Hopefully you will have internet to read comments! We never have water running down the inside of the windows

  2. OMD and OMC... an Intermutts PLAGUE ??? OMD OMC that is so wrong... We are sorry that your Intermutts are sickie... We will send some POTP fur it to return to HEALTH and Full Service... SOON.

  3. Eeks! I'd be a nervous wreck, with all that stuff going on. We have water running down our windows too; old house, old windows, and really cold temperatures. The Hubby runs around wiping everything.

  4. Oh my that is awful, is it related to the bad storm??

  5. Mom screams when there is internet problems. Ugh
    Lily & Edward

  6. Sounds like lots of troubles with the Internets! Mom and dad would lose their minds! Good job on finding that fresh water. Excellent survival skills!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. um, please keep the innernet plague down there - if the mom gets it we is gonna haf to get rid of her

  8. Rusty, you are one ingenious kitty. Go for that water! And we hope to hear from you before April, okay?

  9. I haven't seen frost on the windows in years .... and I never thought of licking it.

  10. Our Mom wouldn't mind a bit of Internet plague but Dad would have a fit! Good to know what to do should our kitchen faucet fountain stopped working for some reason!

  11. Hopefully the bad storms will stop and all technology will work again.

  12. Internet problems are a pain. Rusty, that was very clever, why
    walk all the way to the water bowl.

  13. We hate it when the internet turns into an outernet and goes for a run, it is such a pain!

  14. We would have to get Mom one of those special "jackets" if our internet went down!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. Our grandma bean used to say, "I won't expect you until I see the whites of your eyes". We don't know why she used to say...she just did.

    So we'll see you when we see you. Hope that is tomorrow and not spring...unless spring comes early!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. We hope that silly inter-not-net comes back to your inters so you can keep all of us giggling.

    Until we got new windows way back before we knew anything about blogging...we used to have wet windows too...on the inside, fancy that. Once petcretary's curtains were stuck to the ice on the upstairs wall by the window...Yikes, it sure was cold back then...something like -16F, and no insulation up there at the time either...old old den we live in (1907). At least a few improvements have been made over the 30plus years of dwelling here.


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