Thursday, January 05, 2017

Go To WWW Dot

Rusty:  Well, now that the day is half over, we can finally post.

Buddy:  2017 has been off to a shut down start.  Monday night we had to shut down because of thunderstorms rolling through here.  We were expecting worse than we got but some around us were not so fortunate.

Cyndi:  Yesterday we were shut down without warning.  Well, our internet was.  It's back this morning.

 Rusty:  We're only posting this late today because we want to participate in Thankful Thursday.

Buddy:  We're a bit unprepared, so we thought we would share this photo of a lone bird sitting on the mill fence a few days before Christmas.  It was growing dark and we hadn't seen any birds in several days.  It just looked so lonely sitting there in the cold.  Marcus wanted to invite it to dinner.

Cyndi:  We were surprised Monday.  When Jan shut down the computer, she got a lot accomplished.  Every year she sets up a calendar with special days, such as our birthdays, but for a number of years, it's April or even May before it gets done.  This year it was finished on the 2nd.  Now if she would only remember to read it!

Rusty:  But yesterday, we had a lot to do on the internet.  Jan called tech support several times over the course of several hours and each time got an "all circuits are busy" message, so she knew there was an outage in the area.

Buddy:  She decided to try one more time about 11:30 and the call went through.  There was no outage message, just a recording telling her it was resetting her internet.  (It evidently didn't work.) Then to hang up, disconnect modem, etc.  She figured the outage must have been fixed and her internet just wasn't working.

Rusty:  We won't tell you all the fun, but we will say she had a lot of it.  Then she called again.  This time she got a recording saying there was a "current outage of data and audio" in the area.  The waiting time to talk to someone was 5 - 9 minutes.  It was nearly midnight.  She hung up.

Cyndi:  Now the reason we're telling this story is to reach the punch line.  Yes, this is a true story and there is a punch line.

Buddy:  When the recorded message told her about the outage - and why didn't it tell her the FIRST time she called? - it instructed her to GO to www dot (their website) and fill out a ticket.

Rusty:  Jan looked at the phone in disbelief and demanded of the prerecorded message, "You IDIOT!  And how am I supposed to do that without the internet?"

Cyndi: After Jan set up the 2017 calendar Monday, we sat here and went through the lovely Christmas cards we received from a number of you.

Buddy:  We had hoped she would be able to make graphics to post with all the snail mail and emailed cards we received, but there hasn't been time. You bloggers are so talented in creating graphics.

Rusty:  We're grateful for each and every one of you!  We hope 2017 will be a great year for everyone.

We are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home.


  1. Sorry to hear that your area is having such bad weather. Hope that improves, soon.

  2. Oh those goofy message are so useless, but we are glad you made it! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. I worked at a call center. We were able to modify our message about outages and always removed 'use the web site' message. Since it was an internal company call center, if the customer was down, chances are we were too!

  4. BaaaaaWaaaah... No InterMutts... and they want you to go to WWW. THAT is hilarious. OR VERY SAD... now that we think about it.

  5. The Hubby uses lots of HBO words if anything happens to our internet or TV service. HOWEVER, he refuses to make any calls, and therefore I am the one hanging on the phone, pressing 1 for this and 0 for that. Glad you made it through, all!

  6. This nutty weather better clear up soon
    Lily & Edward

  7. I am impressed that Jan has the calendar done already. I am sure you got lots of nice cards, everyone loves you.

  8. Mes thankful that yous finally did gets to post and to visits mes on my blog!!!
    Many Kisses

  9. I hate internet problems! You have my sympathy. 🐾❤

  10. Bad weather stinks, but internet outages are the just cuts you right off of the world. Well, almost.

  11. Oh we LOVE that - 'you can reach us via the net at www..... Weshout at the phone too - how stupid ARE the people!

    We are glad you are all organised now tho'

    Happy Thankful Thursday!


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