Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Blue Southwest Skillet

Marcus:  Oh, boy, it's that time again.  I get to try something new. 

Merci:  This is what Blue Healthy Starts Southwest Skillet with Beef & Egg looks like in the cup.  Kind of blah. 

Buddy:  It's pate.  Pate always looks blah.  It's how it tastes that matters.  At least to us.  Jan seems to think nutrition is important too, but she doesn't eat it, so what does she know!

Merci:  It's grain free and it's supposed to be packed with beef, eggs and nutrition.  Jan said it's packed in rubber.

Buddy:  She did not.  She said it is a bit too rubbery for her taste.

Marcus:  But Buddy already said Jan doesn't eat it, so who cares?  And speaking of eating, hellllooooo, I'm sitting in my Private Dining Car waiting.  Can you drop the bomb now, Jan?

Buddy:  Balloon, Marcus, I believe you mean balloon.  And we don't have a balloon around the house.

Marcus:  That's okay.  She said "okay", so I can eat now.

Merci:  She did?  I didn't hear it.

Buddy:  Of course you didn't.  You don't hear very well any more, remember?

Merci:  My taste buds still work.

Buddy:  Guess they just work a bit slower since it takes you longer to finish a meal.

Marcus:  Helllloooo, warden, you can let me out now. They're done enjoying their Blue Healthy Starts Southwest Skillet in kibble.

Chewy provided the dog food for this review.  We were not paid and we are solely responsible for the content. 


  1. Looks like you liked it even if it was a bit rubbery.

  2. OMD OMD We LOVE anythingy from BLUE.. This sounds Delicious and is a Pawfect Topper fur kibble...
    We didn't get asked to do a Review this month... We think we would have given this a Whirl Too...

  3. We like Blue but the kibble is to big for my teefers. Maybe we would like that though, so what is this story about your blankie Marcus?
    stella rose

  4. That's what I'm talking about!
    Lily & Edward

  5. Looks like it was enjoyed by all!

  6. Initially, Mr. M didn't like the texture of pate, but his teeth aren't good and he has learned to appreciate it.

  7. Looks like fine dining at your house. I'm on my way over - Max

    ~Rascal and Rocco

  8. The taste is what is important to us too Mom says stuff about the things we eat but we just ignore her. She eats some pretty weird stuff herself. BOL!

  9. Yippee for knowing it's how it tastes that matters PLUS knowing what's in it!

  10. Tickling the taste buds is a good thing!

  11. It looks like it was yummy ! Purrs

  12. WE are SO impressed by you well-mannered doggies. But we don't see the kitties waiting for any command, right? Hey, not everyone can be a kitty. Dig in, guys.

  13. It looks as though you all gave it a thumbs up! Can we add that your manners are impeccable?! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  14. It certainly looks like you all enjoyed that food! We are always amazed at how well-mannered you all are at meal time. :)

  15. Food is such a tricky thing for critters...

  16. Rubbery...tat made us giggle!At least it was a yummy kind of rubbery, BOL!


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