Thursday, January 12, 2017

Capital Hockeysticks

Cyndi:  Who is this dog?

Merci:  Do you remember when we dogs were attacked on a walk about three weeks ago?  (Rescued)

Cyndi:  Yes.  Was this one of the dogs?

Merci:  At the time Buddy and I were too terrified to remember anything, but the next day Marcus reminded us that this dog was often tied in the front yard when we walked on the other side of the street. And it had gotten to where it was so highly excited when it saw us, it would keep racing to the end of it's tether and leap into the air barking like crazy.  A day or two before, Jan commented that she hoped the dog would never get loose because we seemed to upset it.

Cyndi:  It's a funny looking dog.

Merci:  Yes, it is.  It's been moved to the back side of the yard.  There's a drop there and he can hear us but he can't see us unless he jumps.  So when we get about half a block away, he starts leaping into the air.  He looks so funny appearing and disappearing.  Jan had to take the pictures with the zoom and of course she can't see what she's taking a picture of, so out of three photos, we have 1 3/4 pictures of him.

Cyndi:  You three have too many adventures for me.  I'm happy to stay home.

Merci:  He seems a bit calmer back there.  Perhaps all that leaping exercise tires him out.  He has a family and the kids love him (or her), so we hope he and Marcus never come face to face again.  Jan sure hopes that.  She is old and as she has said, it hurts like "capital hockeysticks" to be yanked around like that.

Cyndi:  I think we would all be in agreement if I say what we're thankful for this week is that we're together, our tummies are full, we have heat, and our phone and internet are working.

Merci:  Unless they're broken again.  What?  I'm just saying.

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  1. We know that doggie is loved, but is he still on a tether? That worries Mom.

  2. We wish that Dog would have a FENCED Yard instead of being TIED... it would be SAFER and BETTER fur Everybuddy. We are glad that he/she is now in the BACK. HEY... we think we could give He/She a NAME... how about TOASTER since He/She Pops up all the time.

  3. We would definitely definitely walk another way
    Lily & Edward

  4. Oh my gosh, I just read your post on being rescued. !!! How scary! I am glad you're OK. I sure hope that dog's owners think about exercising him more or behavior classes something. Please stay safe, Jan and the FFers! :)

  5. Frankie Furter and Ernie make a good point...Toaster is a appropriate name, and I wish the owners would pay more attention to that doggie and either train him/her to not be so crazypants, or that fence thing...

  6. better fences make better neighbors

  7. I sure hope that doggie is getting plenty of love.

  8. I sure hope he doesn't break free, again!

  9. It is always sad to see a dog tied up and understandable that they might be fussy. What a horrible way to live day in and day out. I am glad that his people seem to love him though. Hopefully, they can get a fence or big keenel so everyone will be safer.

  10. We have a dog like that in our neighborhood too! Mama almost called the animal control peeps, but then we noticed sometime he is inside and sometimes he is outside. Regardless, Mama doesn't walk that way anymore...
    Dory Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. We hope that doggy is polite and behaves now! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. Those are some great things to be fankful fur. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  13. I feel bad that the dog is tied up, that is probably why it is so aggressive.

  14. Wonderful list of things to be thankful for!

  15. We're thankful that the woofie can't come over the fence...we think he should be a good neighbour and quit barking at you too.

    Have a great weekend efurrybody!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. Cyndi, you can THINK those things...just don't VOICE them when all is well. It's a great word in Italian: scaramanzia---nervous Nellie behaviour over what might happen so you touch wood (In Italy you touch metal and other things I won't mention but you don't have them so it's a moot point, haha).

  17. I would call that doggy Pogo. cause he/she goes boingy-boingy like when you are bouncing around on a pogo stick!

    Sure hope he gets his/her aggressions under control. Being tied up is a good way to keep that aggression in full swing, because they feel threatened and unable to defend themselves/run away from threats is they are tied up. MJF can act that way towards other dogs when he is on a unless we know a pup, or the owner, he is not allowed socializing while on walks.

    Toaster/Pogo sure looks kind of cute in a way, though. Maybe he is lonely too. All alone out there and his peeps inside or gone from the den entirely.


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