Monday, January 30, 2017

A Basketball for Marcus

Marcus:  Jan bought me a basketball Saturday.  I loved it!

Percy:  For all of 30 seconds and then you figured out how to sink your teeth into it. 

Marcus:  Isn't that what balls are for, to chew on?

Percy:  No, that's what chew toys are for.

Marcus:  But that was such a great chew toy.  I thanked Jan for it.

Percy:  Yes, you did.  You thanked her by deflating the basketball.  And after you did that, you thanked her by biting her toe - right through her shoe. She's not happy about the hole in her shoe or her toe. 

Marcus:  I said I was sorry, but it was her own fault for sticking her foot in my mouth. She knows my teeth are razor sharp. 

Percy:  She did not stick her foot in your mouth.  You two were playing soccer with a deflated basketball ... By the way, doesn't that seem a bit strange to you?

Marcus:  No.  It seems perfectly normal to me.

Percy:  If you say so.  To continue, you two were playing soccer with a deflated basketball and when she kicked the ball, you tried to block it, but missed and bit Jan's toe.  How is that her fault?

Marcus:  If she wanted to keep all her toes, she shouldn't have let me deflate the ball. 

Percy:  How was she supposed to stop you? 

Marcus:  She wasn't, I guess.  I just opened my mouth as wide as possible and sank my teeth into the ball.

Percy:  So when the time comes to write your obituary, whichever one of us is still around can tell everyone your best feature was your big mouth?

Marcus:  Yes.  NO!!!  Don't tell anyone that.

Percy:  Okay, I won't tell anyone.  *mumble*  Except in this post.


  1. That basketball looks like it could still be fun, Marcus. Just not for basketball. :)

    We hope Jan's toe is better!

  2. Marcus, that is your own version of deflate-gate

  3. The LA Lakers need you
    Lily & Edward

  4. I bet that ball can still be a fun toy even if deflated. No ball is a match for your mouth, Marcus!

  5. Oh noes! Here's hoping Jan's toe is okay!

  6. MARCUS... we all UNDERSTAND the need to Change the Shape of that Ball... ROUND ones are so difficult to control and or Carry around and stuffs... so you just made a Slight IMPROVEMENT in that super pressie.
    Darn, WHY would Jan stuff her toe into your mouth? THAT was a bit silly if you ask us.

  7. Oh, Marcus I hope so much that your OBIT is a LOOOONNNGGG way off. But maybe keep your mouth closed around Jan's toe. I mean around Jan.

  8. Those teeth must be super sharp to deflate a basket ball!

  9. Bear Cat regularly tells me I'M his favorite chew toy :)

  10. Dear Marcus, we are so happy you liked your new blankie. We sent that you to cos mom read a post where you could not find yours. Stella Rose

  11. Dang, another deflate-gate scandal!

  12. No offense, but I don't think I would play with you.

  13. Oh Marcus, you make our mom bean laugh out loud! She thinks you are a real character. Jan is a special lady to put up with your shenanigans!!!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  14. We had a basketball that met a similar fate and several of those colorful balls from Walmart. One bite and poof, they are gone!

  15. I'm on your side Marcus. Squeaky balls, even big orange ones, are meant to be deflated! I'd be a bit more careful about your human's toes, though.

  16. I love to destroy (deflate) those big balls balls, basket balls, volley balls, etc...then I can prance around with them and play keep away!

    Sorry your Miss Jan's toe caught one of your teeth...ouch! Hope its better now.


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